Turkey Season

It is almost Turkey Season 2015

We are interested in buying or trading for your wild turkey wing and tail feathers.

turkey season
Wild Turkey Feathers Wanted

With the onset of Spring and Fall turkey season, we are seeking to conserve our natural resources by reaching out to turkey hunters throughout the country and in Montana. If you hunt wild turkey, but don’t have need of the feathers, then please Contact Us.

Our business is Green Certified. It is standard “Green” business practice to utilize feathers that hunters may otherwise throw away or collect. In fact, we son the 2010 Ecostar Award in Montana for our green business practices.  If possible, we would use 100% of the feathers from hunters during turkey season, however, coordinating such an effort has proven difficult. If you happen upon this Post and know some connections to people who obtain larger quantities of turkey feathers, then we would be very grateful to learn of your contacts.

CatTamboo™ pet toys are eco friendly feather teaser toys that make for a very constructive use of wild game bird feathers that are often otherwise thrown away or never used.

Your donations are graciously welcomed and openly received. We will accept any goose, turkey, pheasant, or peacock feathers. Please mail them to:

CatTamboo Pet Toys
2425 Cook Ave
Billings Montana, 59102

When sending your donations, please indicate if you have cats, ferrets, or small dogs. Let us know how many pet toys you might be able to use so we can send you some. It is the least we can do for those who donate to our cause!

Have a wonderful turkey season!

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