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“Like fly fishing rods for your cats, small dogs, puppies, and ferrets! Over 6 feet long! Durable and Safe for all ages!”

premium hand crafted pet toys

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Purple Canada Goose feather toys and teaser toys.
Buy cat toys Blue Goose Feather toys interactive cat toys and teaser toys.
Buy cat toys online - Tamboo flyer red goose feather toy
buy cat toys online orange goose feather toys
Buy cat toys online pink goose feather toys
buy cat toys online - all natural goose feather toys

Tamboo Flyers – Feather toys – Teaser toys – Interactive Cat Toys by CatTamboo®

interactive cat toys

  • Tamboo® Flyers are fly fishing poles for pets. Our ultra long, unique wand style feather toys combine modern technology with nature to create fly rods that effortlessly make feathers fly like birds.
  • Tamboo® Flyer feather toys are designed to look like a real moth or bird by imitating their wings (much like fly fishermen do when tying flies to imitate bugs).
  • Tamboo Flyers utilize composite technology to provide lasting value to pet owners. Our durable feather toys are designed to be fun for people and addictive for pets. The smooth rhythmic flight performance is fun and easy to create! And much like with the sport of fly fishing, you can test and improve your skills!
  • Tamboo Flyers® are safe for kids and pets! Unlike other cat toys with strings, dyed feathers and stiff plastic or fiberglass rods, our eco cat toys are stringless, safe for kids, environmentally friendly, free of harmful chemicals and dyes!
  • CatTamboo premium hand-crafted pet toys are eco friendly, interactive, durable, and fun. Our interactive cat toys are shipped in recycled pizza boxes via USPS mail and we guarantee shipping! Get yours today to find out why cats and cat owners are having a blast “Doing the CatTamboo”.

We’re Doing the CatTamboo! It’s everything I really want to do. And if I ever got out of here, it what I’m gonna do! Wow..Ca Ca ca ca ca CatTamboo!

Puppy Pouncer – Teaser Toys for Small Dogs – 100% Vegan

puppy pouncer dog toys

Puppy Pouncers are similar to Tamboo Flyer feather toys only with an innovative mouse toy mounted on the end of the rod.  These mouse toys are made from raffia grass; which is a durable, natural material that rustles like a mouse and is similar in size.  We designed the mouse toy to imitate a mouse in much the same way a fly fisherman ties flies in order to catch fish. By imitating a mouse, we engage the mouser instinct which is prevalent in many species of dogs.  It is actually in many breeds to hunt rodents, small mammals, and birds.  We designed these teaser toys specifically for small dogs, but larger dogs love them too!  Puppy Pouncers offer a more durable alternative to feathers so dogs can ply dog-of-war. These dog toys can be scented to assist in training exercises.  If you own show dogs, then look no further.  These dog toys will serve multiple purposes for dog owners who travel to dog shows.  Puppy Pouncer dog toys help you exercise your show dog while indoors and they help you have a little reach for teaching your show dog more complicated tricks.  Interactive dog toys are a wonderful way to play with and exercise small dogs. Puppy Pouncers™ are durable enough to withstand the pulling and chewing abuse of small dogs and aggressive cats. In addition, this teaser toy is 100% vegan! If your pet loves mice then it will love chasing these premium hand crafted Puppy Pouncer™ pet toys.

About CatTamboo Pet Toys

CatTamboo® pet toys are a new evolution of interactive cat toys designed to enhance life for people and pets!


pet toys

  • Made from longest, all-natural, prefabricated Tamboo rods, these interactive cat toys are Green and sustainable.
  • Each Tamboo rod is quality tested for ductility and strength.
  • You have a choice of several different types of wild feather toys: goose feather toys, turkey feather toys, and pheasant feather toys.
  • Marabou feathers are used for color.
  • Each interactive cat toy and dog toy is unique. Not unlike different fly rods, CatTamboo® pet toys are made in light, medium, and heavy action.
  • The continuity developed from rod handle to tip gives the skilled operator a high level of control over the wing-like feather arrangement (or Cat Fly) that darts and dives through the air in a random, unpredictable fashion. This naturally drives cats, small dogs, and other animals insane.
  • Combine the fantastic wing sounds created from the feathers with the whipping Tamboo rod and you get an interactive cat toy that is irresistible for cats, dogs, kitten, ferrets, sugar gliders, and more.
  • Each interactive cat toy is hand tuned for optimal flight performance. Tough, durable composite materials are used to reinforce the toys and increase durability under repetitive bending and twisting forces.

MAILING CatTamboo® Pet Toys

CatTamboo pet toys arrive by mail rolled up in a recycled cardboard pizza box. They average between 5 and 7 feet in length and can be made up to 8 feet long. When first removed from the packaging, the pet toys will have a bend or Chamber. Simply run them between the thumb and index fingers to straighten.

“It is fairly remarkable how the interactive cat toys straighten with a simple slide through the fingers.”

Large CatTamboo pet toys are shipped via USPS Priority mail in a mailer tube. All orders are insured for their full value. If damage occurs during shipping, please photograph the damaged items, packaging, and mailing labels. The photographs are required by the postal service.

International Shipping Policy

TUNING your CatTamboo® Pet Toys for optimal flight

You can hand-tune your CatTamboo® pet toys to fly more naturally. Tamboo rods use composite technology to increase ductility and memory. When you bend the Tamboo rod (or wand) it will retain some of the shape that you gave it. Gently bends can help straighten the rods. Gentle twists on the feather end can adjust how the feathers fly.

SAFETY in the design of CatTamboo® Pet toys

Unlike other feather teaser toys that involve strings or heavy plastic sticks, CatTamboo® pet toys do not pose a choking hazard and are less likely to accidentally poke out an eye.

CARING for your CatTamboo® Pet Toy

Note that if the cat toys are left rolled for longer periods of time, the memory of the bend can weaken the Tamboo rod, therefore, it is best not to leave them rolled for more than a few weeks.

Some good advice is to take care of your new interactive cat toys by keeping them put away when you’re done playing with them. Nearly every feather teaser toy on the market can be destroyed if a cat or dog is allowed to chew and eat on the feathers. However with proper use, your pet toys can last for months and survive multiple home repairs.

DISPOSING of your CatTamboo® Organic Pet Toys

When a CatTamboo® pet toy breaks beyond repair, it can be folded up and put in the trash. And because these interactive pet toys are made with all-natural, organic, compostable, sustainable materials you can feel good about leaving a lower impact on the environment.

Making repairs to your CatTamboo® pet toys

When a CatTamboo® pet toy breaks it can often be repaired. Most pet toys come with a piece of repair tubing. The repair tubing is heat activated. Simply apply heat directly to the tubing using a lighter or hot blow dryer. Adult supervision required. For additional assistance, please reference our cat toy repair videos.

Get your CatTamboo pet toy today and find out why everyone else is having a blast doing the CatTamboo!

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Cat Toy Weight and/or Action

How do you know what weight/action of rod to order?

Deciding to choose either options for Tamboo® rods is typically a win-win scenario for everyone because all Tamboo Flyers® are well designed and super fun. Every CatTamboo interactive cat toy is hand tuned for performance meaning that part of the manufacturing process includes balancing the size and weight of the Cat Fly™ with the size and weight of the Tamboo® rod.

The two factors that effect the flight performance of a CatTamboo pet toy are:

  1. Feather size, and
  2. Tamboo rod flex or action.

Dynamics of a Tamboo Rod

The medium action Tamboo Flyers and Puppy Pouncers are flexible and responsive. Medium action tamboo rods are more responsive than a light action tamboo rods because there is more energy transfer to the tip of the rod.

The light action Tamboo Flyers and Puppy Pouncers are more limber and generally have a thinner Tamboo rod with nice, smooth flight. They often have a slightly lighter feather arrangement which is bouncy and flighty.

Larger Tamboo Rods® are generally heavier action. Heavy action rods on Tamboo Flyers® have less camber and more tip action. Heavy action rods can be more durable and responsive because they are thicker and longer.

Ultimately, a top manufacturing goal for CatTamboo Pet Toys is to produce eco friendly pet toys that are optimized for the best flight. The cat toy weight that is right for you could be a simple matter of preference. Why not try them all?

Sometimes there isn’t much difference between a light weight CatTamboo pet toy and a medium weight cat toy of the same length. However, there is a distinct difference in length between a regular, premium, and large premium rod

If you purchase a light action toy and a medium action toy together then you get a varied experience which broadens the pleasure.

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Tamboo Flyers®

Introducing our interactive cat toys and teaser toys for small pets.

Goose Feather Toys

ORDER Goose Feather Toys (by color):

Purple Canada Goose feather toys and teaser toys.
Goose – Purple
Buy cat toys Blue Goose Feather toys interactive cat toys and teaser toys.
Goose – Blue
Buy cat toys online - Tamboo flyer red goose feather toy
Goose – Red
buy cat toys online orange goose feather toys
Goose – Orange
Buy cat toys online pink goose feather toys
Goose – Pink
buy cat toys online - all natural goose feather toys
Goose – Natural


These elegant feather teaser toys are made with beautiful Canada Goose feathers. Most of these feathers are also reclaimed from sources that would otherwise throw them in the trash or landfill. The goose feathers are a good size for teaser toys. The goose feathers float and fly very well. They are similar to the turkey feathers only smaller. They do an excellent job imitating sparrows and bats.

Pheasant Feather Toys

ORDER Pheasant Feather Toys (by color):

purple feather toy
Pheasant – Purple
Aqua Blue feather toy
Pheasant – Aqua
Red Pheasant feather toy
Pheasant – Red
Tamboo flyer orange cat toy pheasant feathers
Pheasant – Orange
pink cat toy pheasant feather toy
Pheasant – Pink
 interactive cat toys pheasant natural
Pheasant – Natural


These interactive feather toys are made Ring-necked pheasant tail feathers. Ring-neck pheasant are a common upland game bird. The pheasant feathers make a beautiful, realistic pet toy. In many environments, the smell of pheasant is common to the pets surroundings, which makes it extra life-like and enticing.

Your color choices to buy cat toys online can be made on the order form.

Wild Turkey Feather Toys [SOLD OUT]

ORDER Wild Turkey Feather Toys (by color):

Buy cat toys Purple Turkey feather toys and teaser toys.
Turkey – Purple
Buy cat toys online - Blue Wild Turkey feather toys.
Turkey – Blue
buy cat toys red feather toys with wild turkey feathers
Turkey – Red
buy cat toys orange feather toys with wild turkey feathers
Turkey – Orange
Buy cat toys Pink Wild Turkey feather toys and teaser toys.
Turkey – Pink
Buy cat toys natural Wild Turkey Feather Toys
Turkey – Natural


These feather toys are made from wild turkey feathers. These teaser toys for small pets are beautiful and durable! Wild Turkey wing and tail feathers work particularly well on the heavier tamboo® rods. The feathers are more expensive and harder to get, therefore, they cost a little more.

Your color choices can be made on the order form.

Choose from this selection of cat toys


Tamboo Flyers® are a new style of interactive eco friendly pet toy. Our unique wand style cat toys and teaser toys for small pets average 6 feet in length. The Tamboo rods® are manufactured using all natural materials that are very durable. These premium hand crafted pet toys are classified as interactive cat toys, feather toys, and teaser toys for small pets.