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CatTamboo Pet Toys

Premium Hand-Crafted Pet Toys

Like fly fishing rods for your cats, small dogs, puppies, and ferrets! Over 6 feet long! Durable and Safe for all ages!

premium hand crafted pet toys


Purple Canada Goose feather toys and teaser toys.


Buy cat toys Blue Goose Feather toys interactive cat toys and teaser toys.


Buy cat toys online - Tamboo flyer red goose feather toy


buy cat toys online orange goose feather toys


Buy cat toys online pink goose feather toys


buy cat toys online - all natural goose feather toys


Tamboo Flyers – Feather toys – Teaser toys – Interactive Cat Toys by CatTamboo®

interactive cat toysTamboo Flyers are fly fishing poles for cats. These unique wand style feather toys use the all natural rod to make feathers fly like birds. The feathers toys are located on the end of the rod which is reinforced for added ductility and strength in the area that needs is most. The feather toys are designed to look like a real moth or bird by imitating their wings (much like fly fishermen do when tying flies to imitate bugs). These durable feather toys are designed to be fun for people. The smooth rhythmic flight performance is fun and easy to create! And much like with the sport of fly fishing, you can test and improve your skills! Tamboo Flyers are safe for kids and pets! These premium hand-crafted pet toys are eco friendly, interactive, durable, and fun. Unlike other cat toys with dyed feathers and plastic rods, these eco cat toys are environmentally friendly, free of harmful chemicals and dyes, and 95% biodegradable! Tamboo Flyers provide lasting value to pet owners. CatTamboo pet toys go through rigorous testing and each toy is shipped with a repair piece to ensure lasting value. These interactive cat toys are shipped in recycled pizza boxes via USPS mail and we guarantee shipping! Get yours today to find out why cats and cat owners are having a blast “Doing the CatTamboo”.

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We’re Doing the CatTamboo! It’s everything I really want to do. And if I ever got out of here, it what I’m gonna do! Wow..Ca Ca ca ca ca CatTamboo!

Puppy Pouncer™ – Teaser Toys for Small Dogs – 100% Vegan

puppy pouncer dog toys

Puppy Pouncers are similar to Tamboo Flyer feather toys only with an innovative mouse toy mounted on the end of the rod.  These mouse toys are made from raffia grass; which is a durable, natural material that rustles like a mouse and is similar in size.  We designed the mouse toy to imitate a mouse in much the same way a fly fisherman ties flies in order to catch fish. By imitating a mouse, we engage the mouser instinct which is prevalent in many species of dogs.  It is actually in many breeds to hunt rodents, small mammals, and birds.  We designed these teaser toys specifically for small dogs, but larger dogs love them too!  Puppy Pouncers offer a more durable alternative to feathers so dogs can ply dog-of-war. These dog toys can be scented to assist in training exercises.  If you own show dogs, then look no further.  These dog toys will serve multiple purposes for dog owners who travel to dog shows.  Puppy Pouncer dog toys help you exercise your show dog while indoors and they help you have a little reach for teaching your show dog more complicated tricks.  Interactive dog toys are a wonderful way to play with and exercise small dogs. Puppy Pouncers™ are durable enough to withstand the pulling and chewing abuse of small dogs and aggressive cats. In addition, this teaser toy is 100% vegan! If your pet loves mice then it will love chasing these premium hand crafted Puppy Pouncer ™ pet toys.

28 Responses to CatTamboo Pet Toys

  1. Sherri Rasmussen says:

    So far OK we will see later how my cat is still interested..

  2. Heather Rioux says:

    Would love to try one of your guys with my two indoor cats! Would also love to purchase some at wholesale to sell up in Canada

  3. Danilyn says:

    I have 3 cats. A 5 year old I just rescued, a 15 year old and a 20 year old. The 15 and 20 year olds don’t play much in their old age….until the cattamboo toy. It’s so great to see them acting like kittens again! The 5 year old hid constantly and ran away when you’d get close….until the cattamboo toy! He’s now out all the time just waiting to play, staring at the toy that I put up high where he can’t get to it and is so affectionate. The transformation was amazing! If I leave it where he can get to it he carries it in his mouth across the house and chews on it he loves it so much. I have dozens of cat toys and this is by far the best one there is…even beats the ones with catnip, which is a lot to say! There’s no other toy that can pep up elderly cats and bring a shy cat out of its shell like that so quickly. Thank you!

  4. Gehér Panna says:

    How adorable they’re!! so glad I find them! I think I’m gonna go with the pink one 😉

  5. Roslyn Kaplan says:

    Cattamboo is simply the VERY BEST cat toy ever made!!! I’ve had cats all my life. Cattamboo addresses boredom, weight issues, laziness and negative temperament. To explain, I have 2 cats and sometimes their “play fighting” causes one to pounce on the other, creating aggression, chasing and such loud meowing from the male I can’t stand listening to it! Since my first purchase in 2012, my cats and I have benefitted from the interaction. One cat even follows me to the door because he knows I keep the cattamboo in my vestibule, as the product information suggests. I’ve just ordered the Premium longer cattamboo, so as not having to lean as far forward when THEY get further away. I can watch TV and play more during commercials. The male is a Ragdoll and if you understand the breed, getting him off the floor is an accomplishment. He has been TOTALLY transformed by this interactive toy. He JUMPS now! Hooray to the inventor of the Cattamboo, whoever he or she is. I suggest telling your friends, family and everyone who has a dog or cat (bet it would also work with ferrets). Hey, if you have a local, private pet store, take yours in and demonstrate, suggesting they add it to their product line! I think EVERYONE would benefit. Thank you and have fun with your pets.
    rozcats =^..^=
    Roz, Penny and Fritz

  6. Terri says:

    Just wonderful! I’m very emotional as I share my experience with my new Cat Tamboo. I have a 3-4 year old beautiful calico named Buttercup. She came into our lives three years ago . She is feral and very timid. It took me 9 months before I could pet her (sadly I’m still the only one who can) and I still can’t pick her up. She is socializing slowly but continuously but my biggest concern is exercise as she struggles with interactive play. She is very afraid of anything on a string or stick. She is also polydactyl with a whopping 7 digits on each front paw. Not exactly nimble:) We have had our Cat Tamboo for one week. It’s amazing. She was immediately intrigued and we have played with it two or three times a day. We have progressed from 2 minutes to 5 and this morning she chased it!! Originally she would bat at it and reach up for it but this was actuall running and jumping!! Something I never thought I would see. I think the natural flight of the “bird” and the fact that it is far enough away from my hands that she doesn’t connect that I am moving it. Also I don’t think she sees the rod. Just amazing. Thank you!!!!!!

  7. Jon says:

    Cat Tamboo products are awesome!

  8. Elendriel Green says:

    My cats absolutely love your CatTamboo producst. My cat Thor came from a bad situation and had never played before and was in fact afraid of feathers attached to short wands. We started him with your Cat Tamboo and within a week he was hooked on them. Now they sit outside the closet where we store the toys and wait for us to take them out to play with them.

  9. SUMON says:

    Thanks for your sharing this cat toy! This tamboo wand material is really fantastic.

  10. Debra Boyer says:

    Your tamboo toy is FABULOUS!!! My “hunter” cat Buddy knew immediately what to do with it! Finally I found a toy that challenges his hunting skills and keeps my hands safe from his sharp claws at the same time. And Cali, my “lounger” cat, is experiencing for the first time what it means to really play, as in jumping and expressing some energy. I am so very happy that I found your product—if only it had been available in pet stores I’m sure I would have discovered it a long time ago!! Thank you again for your simple but effective means for helping my cats get the exercise they need! Kindest regards, Debbie B.

  11. Emilie says:

    Hi – I just placed a cat toy order for 3 of your cat
    toys, but I am wondering if I could cancel that
    order and order more instead? I think I would
    like to get 10 – these are great toys and would
    love to give them to the cat folks in my family
    for christmas!


    • admin says:

      Thank you for Doing the CatTamboo! A refund was issued. If you place the new cat toy order this weekend, it will be mailed to you in a tube via USPS Priority on Monday.

  12. Jezamine says:


    I received my order yesterday, and my cats love your pet products! Thank you so much for making it possible to receive them here in Canada.

    Your pet products are fantastic, and the service has been awesome. Thanks again!

    Jezamine Edjoc

  13. Angie Evans says:

    I have been looking at your wonderful cat toys.. I’m after some for my equally wonderful Blue Oriental Cat.. Imperial Duchess, affectionately known to us as Fergie. Can you tell me if you ship to Australia? I do hope so.
    Angie Evans

  14. Jezamine says:


    My cats love toys similar to your own products. I
    wanted to know if you ship internationally to



    • admin says:

      We ship to Canada via USPS! There is a minimum order size to offset shipping expenses, but it is very reasonable and easy to get down to a few dollars shipping per cat toy.

  15. GetN'Green says:

    down to one. when might you be in Bozeman?

  16. Marsha says:

    My Cat loves this toy! So do I. Every time someone sees it they have to try it out. So he gets played with alot!!!

  17. Jeni says:

    these cat toys look great — I especially love how “green” they are: )

  18. Bonnie says:

    These are the Best Cat toys! My 3 Cats love their CatTamboo’s, our youngest cat drags one over to remind me to play. My arms are tired, but the most important thing is that they are happy. I will be purchasing more! Thank You!

  19. Tara Torre says:

    My cat loved this toy! He finally broke the tamboo wand! It kept my cat really excited and busy for a long period of time, really entertained him and made him really happy! It’s an easy way to convince your friends to play with your pet! Brilliant Toy!

  20. peg says:

    My cat is in LOVE with her Pheasant tamboo toy. I am her happy play mate, Thank you

  21. Kurt Stacy Gallagher says:

    Hey! Been handing out a few of your Cat Tamboo pamplets.. Thank God we have one left! Season (our cat) needs to get a CatTamboo for her Dad(Kurt’s) Birthday! We are on the third one and Season still can’t get enough! WE absolutely LOVE IT!

  22. James from North Hollywood, CA says:

    If you are visiting this site and have any doubts… don’t. My new cat LOVES her Pheasant Feather Tamboo and since we’ve started playing with it, she has become more and more social. Fantastic.

  23. Ellen says:

    Hi I want to thank you for making this pet product, I just received 1 and OMG!! my cats went nuts over it, they love it!!! thank you again

  24. Ellen says:

    I just love this toy. We saw them at the Billings fair. They were great people.

  25. Inventor says:

    Cats of all ages find these tamboo feather toys irresistible.

    I like to lazily lounge on the couch and make the cat do flips.

    These interactive cat toys are very practical and durable.

    The tamboo is all natural. I like that we take plastic out of the environment when we choose a CatTamboo over other brands.

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