Dog Teaser Toys

Dog Teaser toys or Teaser toys for Dogs!

Check out these fun video of dogs and puppies chasing Tamboo Flyers: a type of teaser toy made for small pets.

Puppy Pouncers and Tamboo Flyers in Action, take 1:

CatTamboo toys in action, take 2:

Featuring the famous Corgi Harry Potter’s brother yelping after a Cat Tamboo teaser toy.

Puppies love playing with tamboo teaser toys

 Several elements are required to make an excellent teaser toy for dogs and puppies.

  1. The first and foremost important factor in a dog teaser toy is to trigger instincts by closely imitating natural prey. This is essential to creating the attraction and interest necessary to tease them!
  2. Another important element of a teaser toy is to have to length or distance to work with. Length is necessary in order to lead the dog or get them to maneuver, lead, run, and give chase.
  3. The other important element of a teaser toy is that the operator should have a great deal of control over the object of obsession. Otherwise, it would be difficult to captivate the dogs attention. A teaser toy that is hard to catch because it moves with intelligence is enticing because the sport in catching the object is part of the attraction to keep the dog chasing it. You can liken it to getting a nibble while fishing… It keeps you trying.

Tamboo Teaser Toys or Tamboo Flyers are Best

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How we made our dog teaser toys so enticing:

Unwashed wild game feathers are used for taste and smell. The prey itself is the best attractant! So we use a group of feathers to create the wing or fly which is then used to imitate the bird or insect. Then, a specially manufactured fly rod for pets (Tamboo rod) is used to create the whip-like action. Each Tamboo rod gives the operator excellent control and creates the flying action on the fly (or feather toy) which in turn creates the enticing visuals and sounds of a bird in flight. The Tamboo rods themselves are eco friendly and sustainable in that they utilize natural materials in combination with modern technologies. In fact, these teaser toys are some of the most green, interactive pet toys available on the market.

The length on control offered by these toys makes them very fun for people! Continuity from handle to tip is not available in feather toys that have strings. The sacrifice in using a string toy is safety, control, sound, and appearance. Most interactive feather toys on the market do not come close to imitating a real bird. The feathers are washed to meet import laws. The wands are very short and bulky for the appearance of strength and for easy shipping. The wands are made of cheap plastics. And the feathers are dyed with chemicals and glued. And other short cuts are made because these importers only care about selling volume at a profit. With CatTamboo, it is about bringing you a wonderful product that is eco-conscious, effective, durable, fun, and affordable.

Durability is an important factor in a good dog teaser toy. It is poor design to take a heavy plastic or nylon rod and attach feathers to the end or a string and feathers. Cats, small dogs, and other pets simply chew through the feathers and string, but with Tamboo® teasers toys for dogs, you control whether or not your pet can even catch the dog toy. With some practice, you can develop flying techniques from wrist movements that make the dog teaser toy very difficult for your pet to catch.

The result of added control is a longer life span and greater durability.

Our dog teaser toys give you months of fun, and then when it is time to get a new one, you can feel good about disposing of a more biodegradable product provided lots of value. Our teaser toys for small dogs are an American innovation, so purchasing the product helps everyone in the good old USA. These dog teaser toys are simple, innovative, well designed, and safe for all ages of pets and humans.

Teaser Toys for Show Dogs

CatTamboo teaser toys are an exciting and interactive way to exercise, train, and play with your pets!
Feather teasers toys are particularly effective at triggering innate hunting instincts in cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, gliders, ferrets, felines, pigs, chickens, horses, bobcats, lions, lynx, rabbits, hedge hogs, ant eaters, reptiles, and more. This is because all of these animals interact with birds and insects when in nature.

I highly recommend training your show dogs and puppies with a Puppy Pouncer or Tamboo Flyer! These dog teaser toys are particularly effect at exercising pets within small areas such as hotels or show room floors. If you’ve ever gone on the road with your show dogs, then you know exactly what I mean. They have so much bottled up energy from travel. You need every advantage you can get to run and exercise them! Our toys will help you to help them stay in top mental and physical condition!

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