Famous Cats

Famous Cats relevant to 2014

Featuring a mix of our favorite most famous cats as of 2013.

Beginning with productions from Kittywood Studios. Kittywood studios uses state of the art technology to create cat videos that people love. They have trillions of hits on Youtube from their many videos. Kittywood studios uses puppets and CGI (computer generated imagery) to make their cat videos.


Maru is a Scottish Fold breed of cat. Maru lives in Japan and is a very famous cat on the Internet. The first video of the cat Maru was uploaded to Youtube in 2008. People everywhere have fallen in love with this adorable, box-loving kitty cat named Maru. Maru cat’s YouTube channel has over 180,000 subscribers, and his adorable cat videos have been viewed over 100 million times by people on the web.


Sockington the cat is called “Sockamillion” or “Socks”. Sockington is a domestic short haired cat (10 years old as of ) who is from Waltham, Massachusetts and lives there with his person, Jason Scott. Sock was made a famous cat by Twitter. This adorable cat named Sockington has something like 1,400,000 likes and 1.5 million followers on Youtube. I followed him and so does my cat Mo. You can buy Sockington shirts. It is a cool brand that was made possible by a internet marketing giant.


Smokey is a cat in the Guinness World Records. Smokey won the record for having the loudest purr of any domestic cat in the whole World. Smokey’s is special. This cats vocal levels are said to be 14 x louder than an average cats purr. He’s a beast! That has to be a cool cat to own for sure.

Grumpy Cat

famous cats meme grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat needs no introduction. Grumpy cat memes are some of our favorites here at CatTamboo. Whether alive or not, Grumpy cats image will be timeless. He rocks the internet!

Surprised Kitty

Youtube can make a cat famous, but can it make a famous cat? Hmm. Well Surprise Kitty one hit wonder video has made this kitten a famous cat with over 69,565,000 hits and over 293,000 likes! Just show the power of an excellent funny cat video. So check this out, the funny cat video that made Surprise Kitty a famous cat was made using puppets. Today, video animating funny cat videos is big business. Here’s something random, check out our cat bloopers, a page dedicated to funny cat memes, funny cat writing, and funny cat videos.

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