Cat Breeds: 20+ top cat breeds

Cat Breeds: Choose which cat breed is best for you.

These are some of the best cat breeds that are generally available and make good pets. They are among some of the most popular and best cat breeds. The descriptions below pull from personal experience from pet owners.

20+ of the Top Cat Breeds with pictures and descriptions

  1. Abyssinian. 

    Abyssinian cat breeds
    Abyssinian Breed
    These are some of the coolest looking short haired cats. They unique, small faces and alert ears. The ones we’ve encountered are very playful, friendly, and full of energy. They aren’t so much lap cats as they are athletic cat that like a high perch and do back flips when chasing interactive cat toys or feather toys. Abyssinian cats are very smart and playful. If you are looking for a smaller cat for apartment living, this breed might be perfect. If you want to watch a video about them, this video about Abyssinian cats by animal planet is good.

  2. Maine Coon. 

    Adult Maine Coon Cat Breeds
    Maine Coon
    This cat breed is awesome! They are huge, fluffy, sociable and loving towards other pets and children! Maine Coons have a very gentle and loving nature. They make cute chirp sounds and gentle meows. They are like big teddy bears. They can weigh 20 pounds and have long fur like Persian cats, but their hair doesn’t need brushes as often. Maine Coon cats have the longest whiskers – longest measure 6.5″ long! Maine coons are the only cats originating from Maine, USA. They are good mousers and are voted the second most popular cats in the USA. Maine Coon cats have long thick tails, a three layer coat, and long hair. They would be a good family cat because they are so loyal and loving.

  3. Ragdoll.

    adult Ragdoll cat breeds
    The Ragdoll breed of cat can be huge and the kittens are super cute. The biggest Ragdoll cat is like 35 pounds. Ragdoll cats have bright blue eyes! These cats often just go cur plop and fall limp when you pick them up! This cat breed gets large like the Maine Coon, but they are extremely docile and might be better kept indoors. This isn’t the kind of cat that will establish its territory around the house and win fights. They are more like giant teddy bears. If you want to watch a video on them, view this Ragdoll video by animal planet.

  4. Exotic.

    Exotic cat breeds - kitten
    Exotic cat breeds
    The Exotic cat breeds are also very common and popular because Exotics have cute fluffy round faces and soft, bulging eyes. Exotics have shorter fur. They come in all colors and patterns. These are very sweet kitty cats for sure! The kittens are so adorable you want to melt! These cats can have very unique faces that match their owners personalities. Exotic cats have personalities much like the quite, sweet, affectionate, gentle, loving Persians only they can be a bit more active and playful. The like to follow their owners around the house and are full of purrs, licks, and affection.

  5. American Short hair. 

    American Short Hair Cat Breeds
    American ShortHair
    This cat breed is very common in America. They where some of the original cats here. Bred for hunting and the outdoor life, these cats are very adaptable and make excellent pets for families with busy lives and kids. American short hairs can have some really cool patterns and color combinations in their breed. American short hairs are extremely good mousers. Statics are that one in three pounces result in a catch. Today, the American short hairs are recognized for their short pointed ears, a round broad head, and a muscular compact body. The American Shorthair breed comes in over 80 different varieties and color patterns. They are one of the healthiest breeds of cat and lives 15-20 years. These cats are social, friendly, outgoing, and just love to be a part of your life.

  6. Himalayan.

    Himalayan cat breeds
    Himalayan Cat Breed
    Among the many common cat breeds in the world, the Himalayan is one of the favorites. This cat breed is like a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. They are colored like a Siamese but they have longer hair like a Persian. The Himalayan’s longer hair requires brushing much like the Persians. They are loving and affectionate and like to cuddle on laps, talk, and play. These cats prefer a more quite environment and would be well suited pets for people who live alone. Himalayan cats are smaller than most cats, in fact, one of the smallest cats in the world was a Blue Point Himalayan named TinkerToy who only measured 7 1/2″ long. If you want to watch a video about them, this video about Himalayan cats by animal planet is good.

  7. Siberian.

    Siberian cat breeds
    Siberian Cat Breed
    This is one of Russia’s most common cat breeds. Siberian cats are large with long hair. Quoting Jackson Galaxy, “They are big, big cats but they can jump with the best of them.” These athletic cats are happen to have lower levels of the feline protein that is what humans with cat allergies are reacting to. So if you are allergic to cats but love them too, then you might want to get a Siberian. Here is a video so you can see a Siberian cat in action.

  8. Siamese.

    Siamese cat breeds
    Siamese cat breed
    We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don’t please, lol. These cats are very common, very intelligent, long living, and vocal. They have shorter hair and are usually rather slim. Siamese seem to be more socially complex than some other cat breeds and have a stronger sense of loyalty to their owners. The Siamese cat breed is a good one for people who are looking for a cat that follows you around and enjoys your constant attention.

  9. Birman. 

    Birman cat breeds
    Birman cat breed
    Birman cats using have lighter coats and are very sweet. If you see a white kitten with baby blue eyes, it is likely a Birman. They make great family cats because they are so loving. When mature, these cats are colored a lot like Siamese only they are fluffy and generally a little bit larger. They say that dog lovers prefer these cats because they are so friendly and more eager to please. They are also very loyal to their owners. They will be right up along with you dogs, waiting for you to get off of work. Birman cats commonly have long wispy hair, darker faces, and blue eyes.

  10. Oriental. 

    Oriental cat breeds
    Oriental Cat
    These are some very cool looking and unique cats. They can be nearly any color or combination and with hair in varying lengths but are typically short haired. Orientals have that long nose and the alert ears. They are totally cool cats and make great pets. These cats are entertaining and active. They require your attention to be happy, but if you give them plenty of love, they will return it 10 fold. They are intelligent and like to talk too. Oriental cats have plenty of curiosity and like to participate in your daily life.

  11. Burmese.

    Burmese cat breeds
    Burmese Cat
    The Burmese cat is intelligent beyond most cat breeds and is very common as a pet. They tend to look much like a common cat too except they often have these large golden eyes that captivate you. We love them. They are definitely cool. Burmese cats are generally curious and active. The females Burmese are often emotionally involved with their family whereas the males seem more tolerant. Male Burmese cats are the type to lounge on the table, on top of your paper while your trying to read it. Burmese cats have kinda raspy sounding voices and aren’t hugely vocal like some other cat breeds.

  12. Bengal.

    Bengal Cat Breeds
    Bengal Cat Breed
    The Bengal cat breed is awesome! They are like little leopard cats. These cats look like little jaguars or spotted panthers. They are those cats you see with the intricate patterning. Bengals are much like other cats as far as behavior traits go. They are energetic, curious, smart, gentle and fun loving. These cats make great pets. Bengal cats tend to be very curious and are great at hiding. If you want to watch a cool Bengal cat video the click here.

  13. Bombay.

    Bombay cat breeds
    Bombay Cat
    Bombay cats are another totally awesome breed. Bombay cats are short hair domesticated cats. They are fun loving and inquisitive black cats. They have medium sized bodies with beautiful, shiny coats. Bombay cats are like little panthers! These cats are known to walk like dogs on leashes. They love to fetch! Bombay cats make good family pets. Appearance wise, they have shiny black coats and black paw pads. They usually weight under 12 pounds, they have amazing eyes, and they don’t shed too much. If you want to see more about Bombay cats, check out this video by Animal Planet.

  14. American Curl. 

    American curl cat breeds
    American Curl Cat
    The American curl is called the Peter Pan of felines because it retains its kitten like, playful personality its whole life. This breed of cat is cute its entire life because after being born, their ear begin to curl backwards. The curl is not a cartilage defect like with the Scottish fold, so there is no problem breeding these cats with other American curl cats. These are great cats like the rest. They make good pets and have the typical behavioral traits of other cats like the Bengal or American Short Hair. Because of their diverse breeding, they are generally healthy cats and are great for families. Check out this totally cool video about the American Curl.

  15. Egyptian Mau. 

    Egyptian Mau cat breeds
    Egyptian Mau Cat
    This breed of cat was cherished by the Egyptians because they make great pets and have some awesome qualities. They are sleek and fast. In fact, they are built like cheetahs with longer back legs and have been clocked running 30 mpg. Mau cats have leopard like patterning. They can be possessive of their owners and their cat toys. They have short hair and definitely will shed like a normal cat. If you want to check out a video about the Egyptian Mau breed then click here.

  16. Singapura.

    Singapura cat breeds
    Singapura Cat breed
    This is one of the smallest cat breeds. Singapura cats are a lot like the Abyssinian cats only miniatures. Adult females weigh as little as 4 pounds. They are active, strong, and get into everything. In addition, they have sweet soft voices and are very vocal. It is said that the cats came from Singapore. These little cats live up to 15 years. They may need a c-section to give birth because they are so tiny. These cats make good family pets. Here is a video of them.

  17. Savannah.

    Savannah cats are the largest cat breeds
    Savannah Cat Breed
    Savannah’s are the newest breed of cat. They are also the largest breed of cat. In fact, these cats can jump an amazing 7 feet in the air! Savannah’s are becoming very popular pets for those who can afford them. They are beautiful with their leopard patterning and elegant faces. These cats make amazing pets. They are gentle and great with kids and other animals. These cats are stupid expensive and aren’t even legal in all states, but we wanted to mention them because many of our customers at CatTamboo have Savannah’s and they are some of the most awesome cats you can get. They have very few health issues and they love water. Here is a tender video of a Savannah cat and a young boy. If you own a Savannah and need a suitable cat toy, go here.

  18. Cornish Rex. 

    Cornish Rex cat breeds
    Cornish Rex cat breed
    Well okay, maybe not exactly one of the most common cat breeds, but these are cool cats worth mentioning because some really famous designers have them. They are beautiful cats with very short haired, elegant, and exotic. They are considered the greyhound of cats. These cats have a long life span and stay generally healthy. Cornish Rex’s are energetic, healthy, fun and easy to groom. If their skin gets oily, you may need to bath them often to keep their skin healthy. Here is a video.

  19. Persians. 

    persian cat breeds
    Persian cat breed
    This common cat breed is known for their long beautiful fur.  These really are beautiful, fluffy, cute, gentle cats. Persian cats are awesome and popular.  They don’t shed as bad as you might think, but they do need to be brushed in order to their long hair from clumping into looking like wool.  PS…if your Persian’s hair clumps, the only humane solution is to give them a lion cut, which sucks…so don’t let the fur mat. Persians are good with kids. They aren’t very vocal but they do make really cute noises and communicate with meows. When they play, they often roll on their backs and show their fluffy bellies which you can pet and they will put their arms up and love the attention.

  20. Scottish Fold. 

    Scottish Fold cat breeds
    Scottish Fold Kitten
    These are playful and very social cats that have folded ears. They are super adorable and are fine with a room full of kids and other pets. This is a healthy bread of cat that you should definitely consider if you like that cute owl look. The Scottish Fold can have three different degrees of ear curl. These cats have a trademark Buddhist pose where the sit up and cross their paws. Their ears fold over and downward. There are actually three types of folds but not all Scottish Folds have folded ears. The cartilage is weak, so the fold is considered a deformity. This is only important to know when breeding Scottish fold cats with each other. These are wonderful family pets that generally love human companionship. Here is the video of a beautiful Scottish Fold eating icecream.

  21. Sphynx. 

    sphynx cat breeds
    Sphynx Cat Breed
    This is a crazy cat breed for sure. It isn’t one of the most common cat breeds, but still has to be mentioned. If you have cat allergies, your might try this cat breed. You know those ugly looking cats that have almost no hair, well those are often a breed of Sphynx. They are naked cats. Some are elegant and amazing, some are ugly. These can also be some of the coolest looking cats too. It just depends on the cat and the person. The Sphynx are loyal and loving pets that require a lot of attention.

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  1. Loved this article;very informative and interesting. I have 3 different breeds right now and there interaction is always a great curiosity!

    1. Promoting different cat breeds only adds to our problem of having to euthanize millions of adoptable cats and kittens each year. A cat is a cat…. fun playful endearing. Before I realized the worldwide problem I too purchased a breed cat not realizing I was 1) adding to a problem and 2) the farm kitty is pretty and has a better personality than the breed kitties. If you want something special to show off, simply check with your animal shelters. All kinds enter there.

      1. I think you make a very good point, though you might agree that not all cats are the same. Cats are often as unique as people! If its a cat, we love it! This includes all breeds and mixes. No discrimination, just pure love for cats! We regularly donate products to animal shelters and feral cat programs! The point you make is totally great!!! And yes! People! Please adopt cats! Lots of them!!! My own cat Mo was a stray and he is absolutely amazing!

      2. While I totally agree with adoption over breed searching, articles like this are extremely helpful for people like me who like cats but have allergies and work insane hours. Knowing details about the coats and amount of attention/affection needed will help me to adopt a cat that won’t be miserable by not getting enough of my time or being cordoned off in the kitchen because I was surprised at how much it sheds. Cats are all great, but a cat is not a cat. People should adopt responsibly for their and their animal’s well-being, and articles like this help.

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