cat attractant

What are cat attractants?


Another word for a cat attractant is a cat aphrodisiac.  Cat attractants are composed of things like odors and contents of essential oils that are from nature and have a natural ability to affect cat behaviors.  After giving your cat a feline attractant, he or she may roll in it, paw at it, or chew on the source of the smells and taste.  The effect of cat attractant on feline behavior is usually temporal, lasting for only a few minutes.  For many feline attractants, when the effects of cat attractant wears off, the cats often have a recovery period during which the response cannot be duplicated.  This is common in compounds that mimic the feline facial pheromone.  For a long lasting affect, the best cat attractants are a felines natural prey.  Cats will never get enough of birds and mice because it is so deeply a part of their basic feline nature.

Here is a list of active chemicals and ingredients that are currently known to cause euphoric behaviors in cats:

  1. actinidine from Valeriana officinalis
  2. nepetalactone – C10H14O2 from Nepeta (catnip),
  3. dihydronepetalactone
  4. neonepetalactone
  5. isodihydronepetalactone
  6. epinepetalactone
  7. boschnialactone
  8. boschniakine
  9. dihydroactinidiolide
  10. actinidiolide
  11. iridomyrmecin
  12. (-)-mitsugashiwalactone
  13. onikulactone

Our official advice to only give your cats substances that are proven safe and taken directly from nature.

Catnip snack recipe

If you want to make some catnip snacks for your kitty cat, here is a great recipe:


Put olive oil in a frying pan and dump in a bunch of catnip.  Cook on medium to low heat until you get a rich green oil from which to bake your treats.  This can also be done with butter and other types of oils that are good for cats.  Take care not to burn the oil or butter.

Cat Urine is a cat attractant


Things from cats and nature tend to be good attractants for cats.  Cat urine happens to be one of them.  Here we get back to the basic instinctual makeup of cats.  In particular, male cats have urine that contains cat pheromones.  The pheromone in cat urine is 3-mercapto-3-methylbutan-1-ol (MMB).  This pheromone is a compound that gives cat urine its odor.

The cat attractant named Felinine is synthesized in the cat’s urine.

Consequently, rats and mice hate the odor of a cat’s urine.  This is due to their instinctual nature to survive.  However, when your cat catches a mouse or if a mouse rolls in cat piss, the parasite Toxoplasma gondii will infect the mouse.  After infected, a mouse is actually attracted to the Felinine, thus highly increasing the likelihood of the mouse being preyed upon by the cat. This is funny stuff because all your cat needs to do is scent the mouse and the mouse will become deliriously attracted to your cat, lol!

cat aphrodisiacs

All about Cat Aphrodisiacs!


smurf-catThis topic is intended to discuss what stimulates those playful euphoric states of being when your cat is cute, cuddly, and happy.  We use cat aphrodisiacs as a synonym for cat attractants.  If it attracts cats and get them happy, then we consider it an aphrodisiac.  The content has nothing to do with breeding cats or feline pheromones.  Instead we try to answer the question: What are the best cat aphrodisiacs or attractants? – from the mindset of a pet owner who loves their kitty cat and wants to enjoy watching them get happy.

The best aphrodisiacs for cats come directly from nature and stimulate a cat’s biological response to the natural substance in a positive, euphoric way.  The best known aphrodisiacs for cats are:

  1. Catnip leaf and buds
  2. Unwashed Bird Feathers
  3. Another cat’s scent

Catnip and Nepetalactone Aphrodisiacs

Catnip is an abundant weed that is actually in the mint family. The scientific name for catnip is Nepeta cataria.

Active ingredient in Catnip
Nepetaloctone Chemical Structure

From a medical view, the active ingredient in Catnip is called Nepetalactone.  The Nepetalactone in catnip acts as a feline attractant. The natural chemical Nepetalactone actually enters the feline’s nose when it smells.  When sniffed by a cat, the Nepetalactone binds to one or more felines olfactory receptors.  What actually take place chemically within your cat after sniffing catnip is not very well understood, but the result is great!

We do know that Nepetalactone was first isolated from the catnip plant (Nepeta cataria).  We know that the aphrodisiac nepetalactone acts as a cat attractant.

Nepetalactone can also be gotten from the bark and wood of the tartarian honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica).

Other plant-like aphrodisiacs for cats include include valerian (Valeriana officinalis) and plants that contain actinidine.

Cat Behavior from Aphrodisiacs

Cat behaviors are altered when they sniff or ingest an aphrodisiac.  Aphrodisiacs make cats want to begin rubbing, licking, scratching, rolling, pawing, chewing, and purring.  Cats love to be high.  For them, it is a state of being that is harmless, playful, and sweet.

What happens when your cat eats too much Catnip?


Too much catnip can make you cat drool!  It can also make them sleepy, anxious, excited, or just extra loving.  And for other cats, they might have a bad trip and begin to growl, scratch, hiss, or bite. Too much catnip can definitely cause cats to become aggressive.

How are bird feathers an aphrodisiac for cats?

Cats love feathers
Cats love feathers

Hunting for survival is embedded deeply within the genetics of all cats.  All domestic cats have evolved from wild cats which had to hunt for survival.  The natural born instinct of a hunter is to love its prey.

A good analogy is the movie Madagascar.  When the lion character named Alex begins to go savage, he sees his animal friends as stake and falls into a jolly trance.  After Alex joyfully catches his prey, he snaps out of the trance only to find himself biting his friends butt!

In real life, the cat would likely eat his friend because hunting instinct are innate to cats meaning that they are fundamental and not easily masked. However, no matter how deeply ingrained hunting instincts are to an animals behavior, there will always be cats like Garfield that may have the hunting instinct a little further repressed than is healthy.  Studies show that it is healthy a vital for a cats well being to be connected with their inner lion or innate hunting instincts.  From this instinct, a cat gains strength, confidence, self sufficiency, balance, peace, and happiness.  The best way to feed this need is to either feed your cat some birds or buy a CatTamboo and play with your cat.

Cat facial scents are an aphrodisiac

Feline facial pheromone or scenting used by cats for a multitude of reasons that include marking territory, marking objects, and scenting people.  They do the marking by rubbing their faces on things.  Cat scents are a complex topic, but the simple logic to keep on this topic is that smells and scents are as fundamental to a cat’s genetic and behavioral makeup as hunting birds and mice or coughing up hairballs.

Homemade Cat Toys

Homemade Cat Toys!

A cat in a playful mood might entertain anything in its surroundings, but there is no replacement for imitating all five senses of a bird and effortlessly flying it in front of your cat.  I think the closest thing I’ve heard of is people using feathers on the end of a bull whip – but I’ve never done it before.

easy to make cat toys

Here are 5 unique ideas for homemade cat toys:

  1. Homemade cat toys to imitate a CatTamboo! The best way to make a homemade CatTamboo pet toy is to rubber band a feather to the end of a weeping willow stem.  They only for last a day, but you’ll get hours of insane fun from the experience with your cat. You can make them last longer by using some spray on plastic coating. You will get so many hours of fun from this homemade cat toy! The first CatTamboo prototype was made from weeping willow.
  2. Homemade cat toys using cardboard tubes. If you get some balls that fit nicely into the end of a 2-4ft long cardboard tube, then all you need to do is cut a slot lengthwise along the tube to allow your cats to get their paws inside. Cap the ends of the tube. Then you will have a homemade cat toy that many cats love.
  3. Pon Pon cat toys. Pon Pons that you buy in the store typically have a piece of plastic tube threaded through them which is intended to be used for attaching the pon pon for craft projects. If you take a feather, you can push it through the whole and it makes a great homemade cat toy for playing fetch. Add a piece of thread, and you will have a fetching toy that you can retrieve across the floor. Another cool thing to do is to use a pipe cleaner (those fuzzy wires made for crafts) and stick it through one or two pon pons. Then, you can wrap the pipe cleaners around a pencil of similar in order to get a squiggly mouse tail!
  4. The peek-a-boo homemade cat toy. This cat toy was invented in a class of second graders with the help of an inventor and marketing expert. The challenge was to use supplies provided to make a new product and then pitch it to a potential buyer. Supplies: construction paper, tape, string, pipe cleaners, balloon. Instructions: Loop the construction paper and tape it. This will be the tunnel for playing peek-a-boo. Then stuff some paper shreds or similar into the balloon and add a squiggly tail using the pipe cleaner. Then attach the nose (of the balloon mouse that you just made) to the middle of the thread. This toy is for two people to play with as many cats as you dare. Each person grabs and end of string and works together pulling the mouse toy back and forth through the tube.
  5. Hair tie mouse flinger toy. Supplies needed include: a hair tie, a pon pon ball, needle and thread. Thread the pon pon onto the hair tie and shoot it across the room. This makes a great cat toy for playing catch and is fun to shoot. Not all cats play fetch, so this toy isn’t for everyone. Visit this post to learn about which cat breeds like to play fetch.

Tell us about your Homemade cat toys!

Please leave you comments about homemade cat toys that work well for you.


Hunters save your pheasant feathers

pheasant feather

Pheasant Feathers Wanted

Are you a hunter or know hunters?

Does a family member Hunt wild pheasant, goose, or turkey?

pheasant feather toys

If you hunt, please save your feathers!  We will buy them!  We will even help you with shipping or pickup.

If you are a hunter or person that would otherwise toss your feathers, please keep them!  We will pay cash for pheasant feathers!

CatTamboo™ interactive cat toys offer the best of both worlds for cats and people.  Our innovative feather toys are for cats, small dogs, ferrets, sugar gliders, and other furry friends that enjoy chasing mice, birds, snakes, and insects.  Our feather teasers are designed to imitate your pets natural prey!

Please donate your pheasant feathers:

  1. We will compensate you a for taking the time to save your pheasant tail feathers
  2. We will pay all shipping costs associated with sending use the pheasant tail feathers.

Call CatTamboo™ Pet Toys at 534-9707 or send us an email.

Our business philosophy:

We believe strongly in protecting the environment.  That is why we remove large volumes of plastics from the environment each day.  All other feather toys on the market add plastic into the environment because no feather can long endure a cat, and most cat toys are disposed of in the trash.   We are asking people to help us in our efforts to conserve the earth’s natural resources.  We need help from hunting outfits and individual hunters!

We will continue in our strong commitment to conservation and the production of eco friendly pet products!




Cats are unique creatures!  Here are some interesting ideas and facts about cats that we have crafted for your entertainment. Our goal is to give readers an educated opinion about cats that comes from pet industry professionals who own and love cats.


Despite what many believe, cats do see color.  Their eyes have two rods that make them sensitive to Blue and Yellow Green!  This is exciting information if you are choosing a cat toy color.  Research at CatTamboo has revealed to us that the color Aqua (click aqua to see our product sample) is particularly visible to cats.  Aqua is also our most popular color for CatTamboo™ interactive cat toys.  Green is also available at special request.

Most people may not know it, but blue light penetrates the deepest into water.  Like water, a cats eye is deep and uses low light in the same way.  Cats can see with one sixth the light that we require to see!

Cat Behavior – from the CatTamboo Lab

more cats
16 pound test cat named Hobbes loves his CatTamboo!


At CatTamboo, we perform regular behavior test and observations with cats and our range of cat toys.  We try to reach a wide range of domesticated cat’s and even some wild cats.  Wikipedia’s definition fails to mention how domestic cats and wild cats are fundamentally similar.  Both wild and domestic cats have an innate hunting instinct as a basic and fundamental characteristic.  The difference is that domestic cats can have social and behavioral problems.  Within feline psychology are the trails of being raised in human households.  We have observed how many felines have lost connection with their hunting instincts.  We have learned through our trials that by re-engaging those instincts, some of the behavior disorders can change rapidly as if a trigger is switched within the suffering cat.  We have learned that by captivating all 5 senses of a bird  or insect and bringing it into the house and relationship between house cats and owners, you can effectively reconnect most felines with their innate hunting instinct that is fundamentally important to a cats psychological and sociological well being.


At CatTamboo headquarters in Billings, MT – researchers have discovered more interesting incites into a cat’s mind.

About cats from our perspective:

Cats have active imaginations.  This may seem trivial because cats are so playful, but it is an important fact because the flip side of imagination (especially when lacking stimulation) is boredom.

Our customers like to engage their pets often and keep life fun for their fury friends.  Their testimonials are profound in our understanding of people and their pets.  Our most common testimonials say: (1) my cat doesn’t want to play with the other toys – he wants his CatTamboo;  (2) where do you hide your toy? -my cat finds it on the highest shelves! (3) What do you put on your toys that makes my cat so crazy for them? You forgot to tell us that CatTamboo pet toys are addictive!

The addictive nature of CatTamboo™ pet toys:

We believe the addictive nature a CatTamboo™ cat toys results a combination of factors.

  1. Cats have active imaginations that help them easily imagine our interactive pet toys as real prey – even to the point of fooling cats to believe it is absolutely real!
  2. Socially, cats love their people and want to share their lives with them!  Hunting is typically a solitary activity and with CatTamboo™ cat toys, your cat(s) can share their talents with you!  All cats love to show off their moves: stalking, pouncing, swatting, jumping, scratching, speed, agility, cunning, and accuracy!  A cat’s success while hunting directly effects his or her self esteem.  This is because the hunting instinct is a basic instinct that never leaves them and is fundamental to their nature.
  3. CatTamboo™ cat toys are straight up fun for everyone!  The energy in the room when cats and people are interacting with CatTamboo is explosive and fun; cute and cuddly and just straight up creates happiness.

Personality and Intelligence

Other resources on cats skip over the important facts about cat behavior.  Wikipedia for example states that “one poorly understood element of cat hunting behavior is the presentation of prey to human owners”.  In our opinion, this is not poorly understood at all. Most cat owners know that cats bring their owners gifts out of love. Cats are hunters. They patiently hunt and then bring us the prize!

catsCats love people!  They love sharing!  They love you, they love life, they often love each other, and the love hunting!  Cats are intelligent creatures that possess unique many of the empathetic qualities that differentiate human beings from other animals.  This is because cats are intelligent and they absorb these qualities from humans.  Other animals do it also, but cats do it uniquely well.

Cats teach people in the same way that nature teaches us.  They have this ability because they are tuned into nature.

When you observe cats, you quickly learn that they are fully aware, connected, cats bugs and attentive to the world around them.  I was observing a coyote at Yellowstone park on day.  I walked the river with him and observed.  The intense focus in him was a sight! Cats get the same way.  Their minds aren’t muddied up with distractions.  Instead they are more connected and aware.  When humans connect with their lives in the same way, it is a deeply spiritual and meaningful life indeed!

I’ve seen every kind of personality in cats and the simple reality is that each cat is unique like people are unique, but some cats (like in people) are simply blessed with personality and charm.  Cuteness, beauty, and adoring attention make those unique personalities.

cats sockingtonFor instance, meet Sockington cat on twitter!  He has nearly 1.5 million followers on twitter.  Pure personality and cuteness has made this cat a star.  Sockington does nothing much beyond tweeting about his everyday treks to the litter box, eating, sleeping, and doing what cats do.  Peoples personalities get caught up quickly.  We also have active imaginations!  Think also about the digital pets fad.  People who can’t have pets because they live in apartments etc will enjoy following twitter feeds from a cat because it satisfies part of a need.  Children do the same with digital pets.  Digital pets are really virtual pets that you interact with in different ways.  In many ways all they do is waste your time, but people love them anyway because it is a part of their personalities.

Cats PLAY : Wikipedia style.

Domestic cats love to play. The play behavior mimics hunting and teaches felines to stalk, capture, and kill prey. Cats also like to play fight with each other and with their humans.

Due to the similarity between hunting and play, cats prefer playing with objects that resemble their prey, such as CatTamboo™ cat toys.  Wikipedia notes that cats rapidly lose (and become habituated) in a toy they have played with before – however, this is only observed in toys that do a poor job of imitating real prey.  Wikipedia also states that cats tend to play with toys more when they are hungry.[2] String is used a lot as toys, but if it is eaten, string can get caught at the base of the cat’s tongue and then move into the intestines which is a medical emergency that can cause death.[1] Owing to the risks involved  with cats eating strings or choking themselves with them, we recommend a avoiding string toys.  CatTamboo™ cat toys are string-less and safe.


  1. Eye expert challenges laser pen ‘danger’ BBC News 24 November 1997
  2. Hall, Sarah L. (1998-06). “The influence of hunger on object play by adult domestic cats”. Applied Animal Behavior Science 58 (1–2): 143–150.

Cats and Aquariums

mo cat with fish named Azalia

Cats and aquariums are a nice combination.  Within the last 4-5 years, I’ve gotten into saltwater aquariums.  My reef aquariums are super beautiful and teaming with life.

In 2011, we got a new cat.  His name is Mojo – or Mo for short.  He was a stray when we moved into our new home and easily made himself a part of the family.

awesome cats and aquariums image
Cats and Aquariums

Of course, any cat knows he has found heaven when he comes into the home of someone with large numbers of CatTamboo™ Pet Toys and aquariums.  I like to keep a selection of the best custom cat toys around for fun.  My cat Mo falls into CatTamboo bliss during playtime, but during chill time, Mo loves sit gazing into our saltwater aquarium.

Mo likes to chill by the aquariums and enjoy their activity.  It is important to locate your aquarium in a place where your cat(s) can get close.  Saltwater aquariums are most rewarding when you can get close.  The back or side of a couch is perfect.  Near the dining room table is also nice.

Most people don’t know it, but keeping a small saltwater aquarium is not difficult and it is truly a gift for the whole family.  It takes a bit of know how for sure, but the general upkeep is relatively simple.  If you are someone who does freshwater fish tanks or has no problem caring for plants, then a saltwater aquarium is a nice option for you.  If you buy new, then you need about $500 to get started but interestingly enough, salt aquarium systems are often given away or sold for cheep.  Cats and people both love to watch fish and seem to be especially interested in large, colorful invertebrates such as starfish, shrimp, crabs, and urchins.

If you love cats and fish, you might consider a nano reef aquarium.  Here is a link to an article that I wrote about caring for small saltwater aquariums called nano reef tanks.  Enjoy!

Why cats purr

why cats purr

Why Cats Purr

This is a great topic for discussion because little is known or understood about why cats purr, at least from a scientific perspective; however, I believe that cat owners have the answers.

We should begin this discussion by making note of the similarities between cats and people.  Like cat owners, cats are intelligent, social, and in touch emotionally.  Most cat owners will agree that purring sooths the emotions.  I believe that cats are healers in this way and also use purring to emotionally calm themselves and other cats.  They are able to calm and sooth by the frequency of their purrs and the gentleness of the nature when they are in a loving mood.

How many women out there have gotten that warm feeling in their belly and felt that they would purr if they could?

If you know what I’m talking about, then you hold one key as to why cats purr.

Other blogs and resources will tell you:

  • Purring usually indicates a cat is content or satisfied.
  • There are different purrs that accompany different demeanors in cats.
  • Felines begin purring at one week old.
  • Cats can purr while inhaling and exhaling.
  • Younger cats tent to purr in monotone.
  • Older cats purr in two or three resonant notes.
  • Cats appear to retain their kitten vocal signals to communicate with their people yet will clearly use their adult purr with other cats.
  • Lions and tigers can’t purr but can roar, but there are exceptions in wild cats – like snow leopards – which can purr and roar because they have kind of a hybrid hyoid that is only partly ossified thus allowing them to do both.   All other species have a completely ossified hyoid which allows them to purr but not to roar.

So what about cat purring from a practical but esoteric point of view?

Maiya Frisbie

When cats purr, the purring vibration seems to resonate with the lower chakras in humans…in particular, the solar plexus, seat of the soul, and root chakras.  Since the solar plexus chakra (located at the naval) is the energy center for peace and contentment, it only follows that a cat’s purr resonates with the solar plexus chakra to bring it to balance and thus help people feel more peaceful.  It is noteworthy that cats tend to cuddle on bellies.

A little known fact is that some female cats purr while giving birth. It is clear by this example that cats proactively use purring to relax them selves. Remember, cats are very intelligent creatures.  If you could self calm by purring, would you do it? You would, and so do cats!

What do scientist have to say about it?

Domestic cats have been reported to purr when injured, sick, in pain or dying. Purring developmentally begins between mother cats and nursing kittens. One theory given is that cats purr as an attempt at “friendship” or a signal of “specific intent”. For example: when a cat is nervous and cannot escape the situation (at a veterinarian perhaps), its purr may serve as an attempt to avoid being hurt.  This is what Wikipedia says and my twist is that cats purr for multiple reasons and self calming is one of them.

German Ethnologist and cat behaviorist Paul Leyhausen interprets purring as a signal that the animal is not posing a threat.  Typical of a scientist isn’t it?  They are afraid to stake a claim on reality due to inconclusive evidence or fear of a bad reputation; however, they always manage to identify the most basic, obvious trait.  In this case and to paraphrase his findings:  If the cat is purring, he isn’t threatened or threatening.  Wow!  How observant of them!

In 2009, Scientists at the University of Sussex demonstrated that purring seems to be a way for domesticated cats to signal for food. According to Dr. Karen McComb, purring in the “about to be fed” context happens in high frequency.  I’m no scientist, but being simple like cats, I would have to tie this back to that warm fuzzy feeling that a happy, full belly can create.  Feed me, and I’m happy.  Cats anticipate the happy feeling of a full belly and begin to purr.  The purr also communicates love and appreciation to their caregiver. So we are starting to see more and more why cats purr.

We know our cats and can read their purrs and body language. It makes sense that purring is multi-functional if you think (matter of fact) about it.  If you couldn’t talk, but instead had meows, purrs, and body language to communicate with – ask yourself – would your meows, purrs, and body language communicate a multitude of things?  It is interesting to me how scientists will study cats purring and come up with these narrow ideas.  I guess they don’t want to risk saying too much, but cat owners will always tell it how it is.

Another theory states that purring triggers a cat’s brain to release a hormone which helps it in relaxing and acts as a pain killer. They claim that this may be the reason why cats purr when distressed.  I don’t think it takes a scientist to know that there is a cause and effect relationship between an action such as purring that eases the mind and emotions thus releasing a chemical to relax the body..  Purring=calmed emotions=brain relaxation=hormone release for the body.  The whole mind body connection is well established as fact.

Scientists at the University of California, Davis hypothesized that a cat’s purr can be used as a healing mechanism to offset long periods of rest and sleep that would otherwise contribute to a loss of bone density. I suppose this too would fall along the lines of the mind body connection and healing power of purring.  Retirement homes use cats to improve the health and well being of the elderly. The key focus in this discussion is the effect of purring on the emotions and energy body of people and cats.

The vibrations and contractions of a purr work during both inhalation and exhalation with a consistent pattern and frequency rate of 25 to 150 vibrations per second (Hz). The lower-energy vibration stimulates energy within this particular range of sound frequency and has been scientifically shown to improve bone density and promote healing.

In Conclusion, we know that cats purr because purrs heal and balance the emotions, mind, and body.  If you’re a cat lover, then yes you know, our beloved pets purrs sooth the soul.

A Philosophy on Cats and Women

cats and women

Are cats like women?

Cats and Women

Since I’m a man, this topic is one where the opinions of females (both cat and human) would greatly benefit the discussion.  However, having lived much of my life with both, I think it a valid topic from a man’s point of view.

I think some similarities between cats and women apply.  Like women, cat’s are gentle and adoring, but once offended, they quickly become distant, even timid.  If your feline feels trapped after some time, she will likely get aggressive and since you are the one that has made her put up a fight, you become the target.

Cats and women are also independent.  Sometimes, they will do their bidding regardless of  your desires and often exactly despite them.  This is why men should keep their mouths shut more often than not. In reality, your cats and women desperately need you and want you. Your cats and women require the basic comforts and steady love that you provide.

A man might take example from the male lion.  He can sit around with his bad self, eat, maybe even roar up a storm now and then, but for the most part just be content with doing nothing- for he is the king.  Let the females bring in the food and manage social affairs while he focuses on keeping them (and himself) happy and guarding the territory. This is essentially what many men do in married life, and it works!

Granted the life of a human is a bit more complicated than that, but the primary roles apply.  Females are polarized to a strong male.  They have so much emotion and activity going on in their own world of perception that men must (by nature) trust their own place in a woman’s world and be less emotional and more in tune with their basic needs.  For a women, emotions are their world. Once you realize it is their world, the rest is a simple matter of knowing your place in it.

So back to cats.  It is their world too and anything you do to offend or neglect them “hurts” them and they will react with some form of timidity.  A good relationship here to remember the pride of a lion.  The lionesses rule the pride from a social angle.  Pride, social perception, and status is part of a females basic nature.  Males provide certain aspects, but as humans we often cross the threshold which is a fine balance of holding your tongue and knowing the right things to say. When you “hurt” them by ignoring them, saying something harsh, offending them, taking opposing views, challenging them, forcing issues, crossing boundaries, identifying problems, or solving problems in a way that identifies a problem exists: they will take it personally and often hide it pridefully or maybe even attack you for noticing. In truth, their self image is complex and needs to be reinforced in positive ways. All of these challenges lead to one answer for men. Do more lazy lounging, eating, and f**ck**g.

Does the male lion jump in on a cat fight between the lionesses or does he hang back a observe with great interest?  He is wise not to get in the middle.  For him to get involved would suggest to both females that they are wrong and make himself the center of attack.  The wise lion king recognizes that the fight among themselves is good.  Later, they will be angry with him because he won’t take sides, but he will remind them of why he is king and they will feel better because they are safe and loved by him.   Add a little humor, play, and other techniques for distracting your cats and women, and you are guaranteed to re-spark that gentle and adoring nature that you love so much.