A Philosophy on Cats and Women

Are cats like women?

Cats and Women

Since I’m a man, this topic is one where the opinions of females (both cat and human) would greatly benefit the discussion.  However, having lived much of my life with both, I think it a valid topic from a man’s point of view.

I think some similarities between cats and women apply.  Like women, cat’s are gentle and adoring, but once offended, they quickly become distant, even timid.  If your feline feels trapped after some time, she will likely get aggressive and since you are the one that has made her put up a fight, you become the target.

Cats and women are also independent.  Sometimes, they will do their bidding regardless of  your desires and often exactly despite them.  This is why men should keep their mouths shut more often than not. In reality, your cats and women desperately need you and want you. Your cats and women require the basic comforts and steady love that you provide.

A man might take example from the male lion.  He can sit around with his bad self, eat, maybe even roar up a storm now and then, but for the most part just be content with doing nothing- for he is the king.  Let the females bring in the food and manage social affairs while he focuses on keeping them (and himself) happy and guarding the territory. This is essentially what many men do in married life, and it works!

Granted the life of a human is a bit more complicated than that, but the primary roles apply.  Females are polarized to a strong male.  They have so much emotion and activity going on in their own world of perception that men must (by nature) trust their own place in a woman’s world and be less emotional and more in tune with their basic needs.  For a women, emotions are their world. Once you realize it is their world, the rest is a simple matter of knowing your place in it.

So back to cats.  It is their world too and anything you do to offend or neglect them “hurts” them and they will react with some form of timidity.  A good relationship here to remember the pride of a lion.  The lionesses rule the pride from a social angle.  Pride, social perception, and status is part of a females basic nature.  Males provide certain aspects, but as humans we often cross the threshold which is a fine balance of holding your tongue and knowing the right things to say. When you “hurt” them by ignoring them, saying something harsh, offending them, taking opposing views, challenging them, forcing issues, crossing boundaries, identifying problems, or solving problems in a way that identifies a problem exists: they will take it personally and often hide it pridefully or maybe even attack you for noticing. In truth, their self image is complex and needs to be reinforced in positive ways. All of these challenges lead to one answer for men. Do more lazy lounging, eating, and f**ck**g.

Does the male lion jump in on a cat fight between the lionesses or does he hang back a observe with great interest?  He is wise not to get in the middle.  For him to get involved would suggest to both females that they are wrong and make himself the center of attack.  The wise lion king recognizes that the fight among themselves is good.  Later, they will be angry with him because he won’t take sides, but he will remind them of why he is king and they will feel better because they are safe and loved by him.   Add a little humor, play, and other techniques for distracting your cats and women, and you are guaranteed to re-spark that gentle and adoring nature that you love so much.

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