Cat Epitaphs: Honoring my cat Padme’s Life

Cat Epitaphs

Cat Epitaphs are a wonderful way to capture a few memories of your cats life and heal emotionally when they pass on. I truly believe that we are re-united with our pets when we pass on from life. I also truly believe that our pets can communicate with us after death through other pets of the same breed that are still alive. The whole animal kingdom is connect in ways that we don’t fully understand. But you can trust your experiences. I’ve had an after death experience with my golden retriever and my son Austin had an after death experience with our cat Padme. Austin said that a Tabby cat that looked like Padme (with the same M on the head and fierceness in the eyes) came around one day and hopped in his lap. The cat laid there devotedly for several hours and then went on its way. Austin had taken Padme’s passing very hard, and so this experience was deeply profound.

Our family cat Padme passed on Tuesday October 14th, 2010.  She was 11 years old.  My stepson Austin found her. She had laid down in a sleeping position, just waiting on the driveway for him to come home.  I’d just like to offer a few short sentences in honor of her life and share a few pictures.

cat epitaphs imagePadme was one of those really special animals.  Born a stray, she had a wild streak and courage of a panther.  I have so many stories to share about her.  Like the time when Austin was about 8 years old, doing this strange acting in the living room.  I guess Padme didn’t like it much because she burst into a sprint from the kitchen, then went into a giant leap off the top of the couch, taking down Austin like a gazelle.  It looked like something out of the wild kingdom!

Padme was a loyal guardian cat. When I got divorced, we split up our family and Austin went to live primarily with his Mom. Padme and Austin were inseparable during that time. She slept on his bed, wore only his scent, and greeted him when he came home. If you won her trust and loyalty, you had a dear friend for life. To this day and well into the future, Austin and I enjoy the memory of Padme and the loyalty that she gave to us alone during different times in our lives.

Yet she was gentle, intelligent, intuitive, loyal, and affectionate her whole life.  And her life was a good one.
cat epitaphs

I suppose my only regret is not being there for all of it. Padme and I shared a very special relationship for about 6 years before our family split up.

My relationship with our cat Padme inspired CatTamboo™ Pet Toys.  It was the love and companionship that we shared, expressing itself as a gift to the world.  This is one of her many contributions to life!  Today I’d just like to honor her as such and send love to heaven for the gift of her.

In loving memory of my dear friend Padme…  Until we meet again at the end of cycles.  I love you.


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  1. The cat toys I bought for sale at Christmas were a big hit! I sold 11 of the 25 at the Xmas fair at church. Now I am known as the cat toy lady and help with repairs and where they can get another one. My cat is my playmate. I think I want to play as much as she does. I hope you got the video I sent of the two Somali cats I was visiting.

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