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Wanted to let you know I got the Kitty toy in the mail today and my kitty, Chai, LOVES it! Thanks again

and Charles Morrison

I want to tell you that man out here at the warehouse that bought two (2) toys, said he played with his cats for 2 hours last night, he is amazed at how high they are jumping. He said he cats wanted to continue playing but he got tired. He is so glad he bought the cat toys.

My cats were in heaven last night when I walked in the door. They knew I had their toys. By the end of the evening my female cat was carrying the pheasant toy around the house in her mouth, as to say I am not done playing with my toy.

It is quite cute. My male cat has become more interested in playing and jumping.



The cats loooove their new toy! I think they really like the texture of the raffia, they enjoy chewing on it, thanks again! :)”

So far everyone is really loving the raffia!  =^..^=

Kerry Hyde

I have had this toy about 6 weeks now and let me tell you this is the Best, Most entertaining, and inexpensive toy I have Ever bought for my cats. They live for play time. My friend who works for Help for Homeless Pets wants to buy one.

Arlene Alexander

Hello, I was wondering where I could find another Cat Tamboo? My ten month old kitten loves the one I got her at the fair, all the feathers are almost gone! She carries it around my apartment, I even wake up in the middle of the night with it in my bed! She can’t get enough of it lol I’d like to get her a new one since she has literally used this one to it’s braking point.

Thank you,
Erin Spence

I bought your cat toy a few weeks ago online and sent it to my sister and her fiance in Bozeman for their cat Zorro.  Just got word Zorro loves it!

Thanks again!
Tara Torre

The cat tamboo came today and my cats (especially Frankie) are crazy for it!! (See Video)
Thank you so very much, my boys absolutely LOVE it!!!


I love the video of how to extend the life of your CatTamboo. Our cat, Frankie just goes crazy with it. To him, it is a bird that found it’s way into the house. The actual bamboo piece is holding up extremely well. Frankie has mangled all of the feathers though. I was at the duck pond and either a duck or a goose had molted and lost a great amount of feathers. I gathered them up, brought them home and soaked them in hot water for most of the day. I then dried them off. I wrapped a few of them in packing tape and then with more packing tape, taped them to the CatTamboo. Good as new! I think my husband enjoys it as much as Frankie does.


Thanks for following through on this.  The cats are already loving it.  We are too.

Barbara C. Greenspon

Oh my God! I got your toy and my cats LOVE IT!!  Thank you very much. 

Midori Sugiyama

Hi!  I received my order yesterday, and my cats love your products! Thank you so much for making it possible to receive them here in Canada. Your products are fantastic, and the service has been awesome. Thanks again!

Jezamine Edjoc

6 Replies to “Cat Toy Testimonials”

  1. Truffles started playing with the CatTamboo when she was a stray living outside an empty building at the end of the block. Her caretaker introduced us, and I slowly fell in love with her. Her territory was partly fenced in, but it was on the corner of a busy block, and it was easy to get inside. People, dogs, neighborhood kids constantly went in to try to play with her. She wasn’t eating well and spent most of her time cowering in the bushes. I brought the CatTamboo with me when I visited her. She attacked it at first sight. After some play with it, she was ready to eat. When it got colder out, she got sick a few times. The last time I took her to the vet, he put a cone on her and told me she had to go inside. It was a tough adjustment for her. Night times were the worst. As soon as the claws came, I reached for the CatTamboo. Sometimes I would have to use it three or four times during the night until she calmed down. After she started accepting her new home, I used the CatTamboo on her new cat tree to get her to start using the tree. When she wouldn’t use her Fusion lounge, out came the CatTamboo. She would dive through the holes to get to it on the other side. There was just something about that long pole and the feathers that moved her. Now, she knows if she wants to play, she sits in front of CatTamboo and stares at it when I go by. Her caretaker visits her sometimes, and she said she’s happy that Truffles is off the street after so many years and has a good home. So many people told me not to take her in because she was an adult, and some said that they tried with her and it didn’t work. But, Truffles spirit is so positive with me that I was determined to make it work, and with the help of CatTamboo, so far it has.

  2. You didn’t tell me that the CatTamboo was habit forming. My two cats sit and wait at their play time each evening until I get it out. Their antics are amazing! When I put it away, they try to find it; and sometimes in the morning, there it is on the floor.

  3. Oh My Goodness!! 6 of our 7 cats are nuts about these things!! 4 went for them right away, #5 took a couple days, #6 took about 10 days. #7 is much too good to play with anything the others would-she’s our 6 1/2 lb black beasty who attacks kitchen rugs (& chases those who walk in her space). 1 broke but now is the perfect length for playing on the bed, which has to be done before we can get in it! 3 to 4 10-20 minute playtimes a day has seemed to settle our youngest boy (Mouse) down a lot-he doesn’t harass the others as much now-we have as much fun as they do! Start with Mouse & the rest come to play too! ATTAAACCKKK!!!
    When we

  4. Once I opened the package the cats all went wild for the Tamboo toy! Even the 16# Jennie jumped and played like a kitten! They all love it, even grumpy ole Jin!

  5. My cat, Jimi, loves to play with her cat tamboo. My husband and I bought it for her at the fair and she won’t leave it alone when we play. We leave it in the garage when we are not playing with it and Jimi just keeps trying to get into the garage to get it ever since. I love to watch her chase her feathers around, and jump to get it. I call it Cat-ercise.

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