Cat Medicine

Cat Medicine by Author Nikki Shiva

What worked for me? Love, and CatTamboo!

Hello.  I’m Nikki Shiva! I would like to share with you a form of cat medicine which I recently found and love called“CatTamboo”

I have the most wonderful kitty cat. It was April of 2015 when I walked into an animal adoption center and saw my perfect match. I do not remember what name was given to her, I only remember her beautiful eyes and horrible haircut! I had seen her in a dream the night before, so I was quite pleased, although many didn’t see what I saw, I was in love;  but I must admit she was a mess! She had bald spots on her back and a poodle haircut which was matted and embarrassing to see to say the least! She sat with her back to the fence and complained when the other cats within the same fence looked at her..

Cat MedicineI decided to name her Lynx and took her home. Within 2 weeks I found out that she had ringworm, then I ended a relationship shortly after and we moved. There were many changes happening fast for my cat  I had to move and was unable to take her with me at first, yet I did not want to leave her with him either, so I decided to leave her with a friend who had 2 cats of her own (amongst several other amazing animals). She fell into a deep depressed when staying at my friend’s place, she stopped talking and playing and began to lose a lot of weight. The owner of CatTamboo told me about his product and how many cats he has seen it help, and proceeded to demonstrate how it worked in front of me with Lynx, I watched my little girl slowly break out of her shell. One day at a time I saw her become aware, active, energetic and playful. Her wonderful spirit lit up and the little kitty in my dreams began to show herself.

one eyed cat visionIt is a fact that our little feline friends are sensitive to our welfare. They are affected by our emotions and stresses we endure day in and day out. Many aren’t aware that changes in their environment, death, divorce, fighting (yelling, agitation, aggressive behavior) all can affect our little ones, yet there is another, Boredom..

Interacting with your little ones is very important and finding the right kind of entertainment is also. I do feel that CatTamboo played a big part in helping pull Lynx out of her shell, so I wrote this article to help those looking for a new means of inspiring their little ones to be happy again, to try CatTamboo.

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