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Introducing a new line of Unique Pet Toys by CatTamboo®. CatTamboo makes pet toys for cats, small dogs, ferrets, and more. Their unique pet toys are eco friendly, innovative, fun and interactive!

These eco cat toys that are fun for pets and people! Made in the USA with green, sustainable materials, these incredible interactive cat toys are fun and safe for the environment. Tamboo rods produce a whip like action that is used to fly the bird-like wing called a Fly. The Fly is designed to look and move like your pets natural prey, however, it is up to you to fly the toy in a way that imitates a real bird, moth, mouse, or other prey. Tamboo® rods are made from natural and compostable materials. Flies are made from mostly natural materials such a durable grasses and feathers. Tamboo Flyers are available with Cat Flies made from beautiful wild game bird feathers. There are multiple choices and combinations available in flies and rods.

About our Unique Pet Toys

We have some unique eco friendly interactive cat toys and dog toys. Our teaser toys called Tamboo Flyers® use either real feathers or raffia to imitate birds, mice, and insects. The fly part of the toys are 98% compostable, durable, and well made. CatTamboo pet toys are safe, durable, environmentally healthy, made in Montana, and made in the USA.

Tamboo Flyers® – a unique wand toy

About our pet toys for Small Dogs

Small Dog toys – made in the USA by us, CatTamboo® Pet Toys.

We are inspired a passion for pets and the joy they bring. CatTamboo pet toy manufacturers seek the most innovative designs using the best possible materials, resulting in a meaningful value for our customers.

CatTamboo pet toys are environmentally green pet products. Our company cares about the sustainability of our environment. We love pets and believe in making a positive impact within the pet industry. We use recycled and recyclable materials in our products, displays and packaging.

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  • We use green materials to make green pet toys for smaller pets like small dogs, cats, ferrets, and bird. All of our interactive pet toys are eco friendly and safe. Our pet toys are non-toxic and safe for pets and children.

    Learn more about us and the nature of what makes our pet toys green

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