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All about Cat Aphrodisiacs!


smurf-catThis topic is intended to discuss what stimulates those playful euphoric states of being when your cat is cute, cuddly, and happy.  We use cat aphrodisiacs as a synonym for cat attractants.  If it attracts cats and get them happy, then we consider it an aphrodisiac.  The content has nothing to do with breeding cats or feline pheromones.  Instead we try to answer the question: What are the best cat aphrodisiacs or attractants? – from the mindset of a pet owner who loves their kitty cat and wants to enjoy watching them get happy.

The best aphrodisiacs for cats come directly from nature and stimulate a cat’s biological response to the natural substance in a positive, euphoric way.  The best known aphrodisiacs for cats are:

  1. Catnip leaf and buds
  2. Unwashed Bird Feathers
  3. Another cat’s scent

Catnip and Nepetalactone Aphrodisiacs

Catnip is an abundant weed that is actually in the mint family. The scientific name for catnip is Nepeta cataria.

Active ingredient in Catnip
Nepetaloctone Chemical Structure

From a medical view, the active ingredient in Catnip is called Nepetalactone.  The Nepetalactone in catnip acts as a feline attractant. The natural chemical Nepetalactone actually enters the feline’s nose when it smells.  When sniffed by a cat, the Nepetalactone binds to one or more felines olfactory receptors.  What actually take place chemically within your cat after sniffing catnip is not very well understood, but the result is great!

We do know that Nepetalactone was first isolated from the catnip plant (Nepeta cataria).  We know that the aphrodisiac nepetalactone acts as a cat attractant.

Nepetalactone can also be gotten from the bark and wood of the tartarian honeysuckle (Lonicera tatarica).

Other plant-like aphrodisiacs for cats include include valerian (Valeriana officinalis) and plants that contain actinidine.

Cat Behavior from Aphrodisiacs

Cat behaviors are altered when they sniff or ingest an aphrodisiac.  Aphrodisiacs make cats want to begin rubbing, licking, scratching, rolling, pawing, chewing, and purring.  Cats love to be high.  For them, it is a state of being that is harmless, playful, and sweet.

What happens when your cat eats too much Catnip?


Too much catnip can make you cat drool!  It can also make them sleepy, anxious, excited, or just extra loving.  And for other cats, they might have a bad trip and begin to growl, scratch, hiss, or bite. Too much catnip can definitely cause cats to become aggressive.

How are bird feathers an aphrodisiac for cats?

Cats love feathers
Cats love feathers

Hunting for survival is embedded deeply within the genetics of all cats.  All domestic cats have evolved from wild cats which had to hunt for survival.  The natural born instinct of a hunter is to love its prey.

A good analogy is the movie Madagascar.  When the lion character named Alex begins to go savage, he sees his animal friends as stake and falls into a jolly trance.  After Alex joyfully catches his prey, he snaps out of the trance only to find himself biting his friends butt!

In real life, the cat would likely eat his friend because hunting instinct are innate to cats meaning that they are fundamental and not easily masked. However, no matter how deeply ingrained hunting instincts are to an animals behavior, there will always be cats like Garfield that may have the hunting instinct a little further repressed than is healthy.  Studies show that it is healthy a vital for a cats well being to be connected with their inner lion or innate hunting instincts.  From this instinct, a cat gains strength, confidence, self sufficiency, balance, peace, and happiness.  The best way to feed this need is to either feed your cat some birds or buy a CatTamboo and play with your cat.

Cat facial scents are an aphrodisiac

Feline facial pheromone or scenting used by cats for a multitude of reasons that include marking territory, marking objects, and scenting people.  They do the marking by rubbing their faces on things.  Cat scents are a complex topic, but the simple logic to keep on this topic is that smells and scents are as fundamental to a cat’s genetic and behavioral makeup as hunting birds and mice or coughing up hairballs.

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