Homemade Cat Toys

Homemade Cat Toys!

A cat in a playful mood might entertain anything in its surroundings, but there is no replacement for imitating all five senses of a bird and effortlessly flying it in front of your cat.  I think the closest thing I’ve heard of is people using feathers on the end of a bull whip – but I’ve never done it before.

easy to make cat toys

Here are 5 unique ideas for homemade cat toys:

  1. Homemade cat toys to imitate a CatTamboo! The best way to make a homemade CatTamboo pet toy is to rubber band a feather to the end of a weeping willow stem.  They only for last a day, but you’ll get hours of insane fun from the experience with your cat. You can make them last longer by using some spray on plastic coating. You will get so many hours of fun from this homemade cat toy! The first CatTamboo prototype was made from weeping willow.
  2. Homemade cat toys using cardboard tubes. If you get some balls that fit nicely into the end of a 2-4ft long cardboard tube, then all you need to do is cut a slot lengthwise along the tube to allow your cats to get their paws inside. Cap the ends of the tube. Then you will have a homemade cat toy that many cats love.
  3. Pon Pon cat toys. Pon Pons that you buy in the store typically have a piece of plastic tube threaded through them which is intended to be used for attaching the pon pon for craft projects. If you take a feather, you can push it through the whole and it makes a great homemade cat toy for playing fetch. Add a piece of thread, and you will have a fetching toy that you can retrieve across the floor. Another cool thing to do is to use a pipe cleaner (those fuzzy wires made for crafts) and stick it through one or two pon pons. Then, you can wrap the pipe cleaners around a pencil of similar in order to get a squiggly mouse tail!
  4. The peek-a-boo homemade cat toy. This cat toy was invented in a class of second graders with the help of an inventor and marketing expert. The challenge was to use supplies provided to make a new product and then pitch it to a potential buyer. Supplies: construction paper, tape, string, pipe cleaners, balloon. Instructions: Loop the construction paper and tape it. This will be the tunnel for playing peek-a-boo. Then stuff some paper shreds or similar into the balloon and add a squiggly tail using the pipe cleaner. Then attach the nose (of the balloon mouse that you just made) to the middle of the thread. This toy is for two people to play with as many cats as you dare. Each person grabs and end of string and works together pulling the mouse toy back and forth through the tube.
  5. Hair tie mouse flinger toy. Supplies needed include: a hair tie, a pon pon ball, needle and thread. Thread the pon pon onto the hair tie and shoot it across the room. This makes a great cat toy for playing catch and is fun to shoot. Not all cats play fetch, so this toy isn’t for everyone. Visit this post to learn about which cat breeds like to play fetch.

Tell us about your Homemade cat toys!

Please leave you comments about homemade cat toys that work well for you.


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