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Enjoy our cat art designed for cat lovers. We have art pieces from people of all ages. Cats have been a favorite subject of artistic expression for centuries. From Egyptian times to the present, cats are symbols of inspiration, intelligence, elegance, grace and beauty. Herein is a new, fresh compilation of unique cat art by talented young artists. Many of these original art pieces portray the artistic perspective of a child’s primordial view of the world through art.

Cat Art Pieces by talented kids

Children see the world through pure eyes. Our featured artist is a young boy who exhibited unique talent as an artist from a very young age and has an innate love for drawing and painting. His use of color and form are very strong and sophisticated.

As an artist, Sam is quite accomplished. He is constantly creating new signature art pieces that are duplicated in various ways. With time, we will be able to compile a timeline of Sam’s paintings and drawings that will reflect his progress as a young artist maturing and perfecting his skill. Here are a few of these unique art pieces from his portfolio of cat art. These represent his first published pieces from the early age of 9. Enjoy!

cat art egypt
Cat art by Sam Bisso, copyright 2013
Cat art by 10 year old kid
Cat art by Sam Bisso

Cat Art images and cat art photography using Photoshop

Cat art by Sam Bisso.
Cat art by Sam Bisso.

There are many opportunities to create something unique in the art world. Art photography combined with advanced photo imaging software such as Photoshop can be use to produce some wonderful imagery. Much of this art is used to bring out laughter..such as cat memes. Other art pairs together things in the world of a cat. Cats go with birds and fish in ways that make sense. This art then portrays cats in a way that either tells a story or leaves a pointed impression. For example, a bird on a cat’s head communicates trust and friendship as seen through the idealistic and joyous eyes of a child.

cat art with reef aquarium
Cat art by Daniel Bisso
cat boy
Young artist Sam Bisso: Part cat, part artist.

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