Make Haste, Reduce Waste!

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Reduce Waste in the USA!

Americans are known for being wasteful, and unfortunately, it is often true. But many US businesses and individual Americans are striving daily to reduce waste! CatTamboo™ pet toys manufactures eco friendly cat toys, dog toys, and ferret toys. We care about empowering Americans and Montanans to reduce waste. When we discovered how much of our natural resources harvested from the sport of hunting are wasted, we began this program to empower people to reduce waste produced from the sport of hunting.

There are two major causes that we support directly!

  1. Wild Game Bird feather conservation efforts. 
  2. Reduce plastic waste in the environment.

Wild Game Bird Conservation:

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Ring-necked Pheasants and Wild Turkeys are killed during the sport of hunting. In Montana alone, over 15,000 wild turkey licenses where purchased in Spring of 2013. The limit on wild turkey is two per hunter per year. This means that over 10,000 wild turkeys are killed in Montana for the sport of hunting. Though hunters often mount the tails of larger turkeys, most of them throw away the majority of feathers on the birds they kill

reduce waste and donate for feather conservation

By helping us champion the effort of game bird feather conservation, you are making a sacrificing along with us to do what is moral and right (by helping to reduce waste). We desperately need to expand our efforts if we are going to make an impact that is worthy of national exposure.

If we reduce waste, what does it mean for Americans and Montanans?

If we succeed, it will mean thousands of manufacturing jobs for Americans, self sustainability in our US economy by expanding manufacturing in America. If we reduce waste, it will result in good karma for doing what is right, and thousands of pounds of plastic will be removed from the environment.

When we make use of our natural resources, we win on multiple levels. First off, people will be buying our eco-friendly pet products instead of plastic ones. As a result, we will successfully reduce waste (from plastics) in the environment.

If we reduce waste via feather conservation, then it will mean more jobs for Montanans and more manufacturing in Montana. It will also mean that Montana businesses won’t be forced to purchase products from China. Instead, we will be able to utilize our natural resources that are native to Montana, and create industry around the natural resources harvested here on our own lands.

Your donations are at the top of this good karma pyramid, so help us reduce waste and save our environment today.

So what can we do to help the problem?

We have been tackling this issue head on by networking with hunters to try and properly process these birds for their beautiful feathers. But it isn’t fun.

The process is time consuming and if you saw it first hand, you’d see that it could and should be on America’s top dirtiest jobs.

Wastefulness sucks! Some things we can’t change, but we can choose to be a part of the solution. We want to honor the lives of these animals. We want to give hunters a chance to donate the animals they kill because it is wasteful and sad to throw them in the trash.

In 2012, CatTamboo’s feather conservation efforts made use of wing and tail feathers from multiple hundreds of wild turkeys and ring-necked pheasants. Statically, we didn’t even make a scratch, but we also didn’t have any financial support.

In 2013, we hope to expand the effort to reduce waste 1000 fold, but it will take financial support from the caring people to make the project a success.

Reduce Waste with Eco friendly pet products!

We are fighting hard for a greener planet. It takes a lot more effort and care to make our pet toys because there are many challenges in working with natural materials. There are many variations in natural materials. Differences in strength, flexibility, ductility, profile shape, diameter, length, and taper present many production challenges. Until our distribution grows to a self sustainable level and we have the financial support to develop the equipment needed to mass produce our pet products, we will need donations. Your donations keep us in business and insure that the same CatTamboo™ pet toys that we love will be available well into the future.

Here are our commitments to you:

  • We will keep our production 100% on American soil.
  • We will hire only Americans for all labor in making CatTamboo toys.
  • We will strive to remain competitive in the market place with low prices and USA high quality.
  • We will remain transparent in the ways we conduct business.
  • We will promote awareness of sustainability and green practices.
  • We will strive to make CatTamboo™ Pet Products available in your local area.
  • We will innovate continually so we can be on the leading edge of product development.
  • We will remain committed to reducing waste!

Pheasant Feathers Wanted

Ring-necked Pheasant Feathers Wanted

pheasant-feathersCatTamboo™ Manufacturing is looking to collect ring-neck pheasant feathers. We are willing to compensate hunters, hunting outfits, and pheasant preserves for their efforts to remove, collect, and ship pheasant feathers from hunted birds. Please join us in our efforts to help conserve our natural, native resources!

When collecting pheasant feathers:

  1. You can cut through the feather stems. Just use scissors to quickly cut off the feathers.
  2. Please use separate boxes for tails and wings.
  3. Please separate wing feathers into left and right wings.

If you toss in some full pelts with each box, we use them to naturally enhance our feather toys. We use some of the decorative feathers but mostly the tails and wings. Cats love pheasant feathers and pheasant are actually a cats natural prey. In the wild, cats regularly hunt wild pheasant.

Ring-necked pheasants are widely hunted upland game birds. Many people find use for pheasant feathers in hats, hairs pieces, and fly tying. However, if you look at how many feathers are actually used, you can see why it makes since to begin collecting pheasant feathers for making cat toys. We use a greater volume of pheasant feathers than almost any other product or industry.

Turkey Season

feather toys - wild turkey

It is almost Turkey Season 2015

We are interested in buying or trading for your wild turkey wing and tail feathers.

turkey season
Wild Turkey Feathers Wanted

With the onset of Spring and Fall turkey season, we are seeking to conserve our natural resources by reaching out to turkey hunters throughout the country and in Montana. If you hunt wild turkey, but don’t have need of the feathers, then please Contact Us.

Our business is Green Certified. It is standard “Green” business practice to utilize feathers that hunters may otherwise throw away or collect. In fact, we son the 2010 Ecostar Award in Montana for our green business practices.  If possible, we would use 100% of the feathers from hunters during turkey season, however, coordinating such an effort has proven difficult. If you happen upon this Post and know some connections to people who obtain larger quantities of turkey feathers, then we would be very grateful to learn of your contacts.

CatTamboo™ pet toys are eco friendly feather teaser toys that make for a very constructive use of wild game bird feathers that are often otherwise thrown away or never used.

Your donations are graciously welcomed and openly received. We will accept any goose, turkey, pheasant, or peacock feathers. Please mail them to:

CatTamboo Pet Toys
2425 Cook Ave
Billings Montana, 59102

When sending your donations, please indicate if you have cats, ferrets, or small dogs. Let us know how many pet toys you might be able to use so we can send you some. It is the least we can do for those who donate to our cause!

Have a wonderful turkey season!