The Best Pet Toys For Kids

The best pet toys for kids are easy and safe to operate. And naturally, the best pet toys for kids are really fun! Kids love to play with their pets. Feather toys and teaser toys for cats and small dogs are best when they closely imitate your pets natural prey. The idea is to effectively entice your pet, so the toy is attractive enough that a kid can do whatever and still get some action without scaring off the animal. By imitating all 5 senses of your pets natural prey, a Tamboo Flyer® by CatTamboo Pet Toys effectively makes playing with your pet fun, easy, and safe. Kids, cats, ferrets, and small dogs all love CatTamboo feather toys made by CatTamboo.

Here are some additional points to consider concerning kids and pet toys

best pet toys for kids

Our interactive pet toys are designed for kids with the idea that many leading pet toys are not safe.

In fact, a couple of the top selling feather toys on the market use thin, rigid fiberglass rods with cheap rubber end caps. One of the first things that can happen is the protective end caps fall off. Once that happens, you essentially have a weapon that can easily poke out an eye!

Just think about it. What other items to you know of that use fiberglass rods? How about arrows? Small pointy objects that are stiff are easily jabbed into things. This isn’t safe and some of the most popular feather toys use them!

the best pet toys for kids are safe

Another issue of safety regarding pet toys and kids is the use of strings. This is primarily an issue if you have really young children, but can also be a safety issue for some pets. Strings aren’t always a great way to go if you’re trying to be safe and don’t want to watch your kids every second while they play with their pet. You know, there is a reason why blind manufacturers put choking hazard warning on the draw strings. The odd might be slim, but we are talking about your babies!

Our pet toys allow children to have fun with their pet in a safe and enticing way. CatTamboo® interactive cat toys, teaser toys for small dogs, and ferret toys are designed to trigger your pet’s natural instincts to hunt. It is a basic survival instinct that exists as part of your pets basic genetic code. Kids enjoy the interaction they have with their cats; and parents love that CatTamboo pet toys don’t have strings as choking hazards like many other cat toys.

 the best pet toys for kids and pets
Assortment of the best cat toys for kids.

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