How to help my timid Cat

Timid cats are everywhere in this world. We take cats out of their natural environments, lock them in a house, form leash laws to keep them there, and then leave to work all day. This is a recipe for timidity. Its time to first discover if you have a timid cat. Since most domestic cats have some degree of timidity, the answer is likely yes when asked the question – Does your cat ever act timid? Just like with people, all cats have some behavioral issues and personal psychology happening that can be improved upon. We are all working on being a little happier and healthier.

3 Steps: How to help my timid cat

  1. Spend constructive time with you cat
  2. Observe you cat’s daily behavior when you are not home
  3. Get your cat a CatTamboo™ pet toy and visit this blog page on timidity.

Explanations of of three steps to help timid cats

  1. In step 1, the thing to know is that you are a big part of your cat’s daily life and routine. If they are experiencing neglect and boredom, then fear follows. Imagine yourself as your cat. Would you be happy? Be honest and think of how you can improve your cats daily life and routine.
  2. In step 2, the focus is on the social life of your cat when you are away from home. If you have other cats or dogs, your timid cat is likely having social issues. Your cat might spend hours perched on the toilet or a high perch while your other pets rule the territory. It is important that you diagnose the problems in your timid cats daily life if you are to help your timid cat.
  3. CatTamboo™ pet toys take all 5 senses of a bird…they way it tastes, smells, looks in the air, flies, the sounds it makes, and the way it feels….and puts it in your effortless control. It is best to hold the toys with a pencil grip. Make a writing motion and the toy will fly all over. An up and down motion imitates a bird in flight.

Steps to help timid cats using CatTamboo™ pet toys

  1. Step 1 is to get your timid cats attention. Timid cats will typically want to watch and observe the toys. You should fly them around, land them on walls, and make them look like a real bird or moth. Let the feather touch down in places that your cat can see it but not too close and definitely don’t put it in your timid cats face. If you have other cats, then let them play in front of your timid cat, but don’t let that replace your one-on-one play time with your timid cat. The one-on-one routine is important….See step 2.
  2. Step 2 is constancy. Your goal is to establish a constructive and fun routine with your cat. It has to be every day for at least a time. Your timid cat will begin to treasure that constructive time with you and will love you for it!

You can buy our interactive cat toys that help timid cats via CatTamboo’s online pet toy store!

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