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Eco Friendly Pet Toys by CatTamboo

Many pet toy manufacturers and distributors are jumping on board to ride the marketing wave for eco friendly pet toy and other pet products which includes: eco friendly pet toys, eco friendly cat toys, ferret toys, sugar glider toys, and teaser toys for small dogs.  CatTamboo® pet toys are a product of this industry and manufacture a few of the only eco friendly pet products that are fully interactive.  However, when comparing our eco friendly pet toys with green products from other companies, one can ask: Do producers of many other eco friendly pet toys come from a genuine place of caring about our environment?

It is good that big businesses are recognizing people’s interest in eco friendly pet products and as a result are trending towards carrying more sustainable pet products and eco friendly pet toys!

CatTamboo® Pet Toys personnel are grateful and lucky that so many consumers are concerned for the environment and individually seek out eco friendly pet products and in our case specifically, eco friendly pet toys.

We understand that having an eco friendly line of pet products isn’t enough.  Customers want an excellent pet products that are quality and affordable.  At CatTamboo, we are happy to demonstrate how our eco friendly pet toys are superior to other products on the market!  In the case of CatTamboo’s unique line up of eco friendly pet toys, nature has done it best!

When you combine natures ingenuity with human brilliance and modern technology, the result is an innovation that everyone wants.

We have had such an overwhelming response from consumers throughout the USA and Canada that today we are setting the bar higher for our pet toy manufacturing business by higher standards of excellence and sustainability.  This means eco friendly pet displays, new eco friendly pet products, more eco friendly pet toys, and implementing more eco friendly business practices.  We consider it a simple labor of love: Love for our earth, love for our customers, and love for all pets!  Just like you the consumer, we too share the values and higher consciousness inherent in our desire to buy and produce eco friendly pet toys and earth loving pet products. We also imagine our world in 100 years and think of how we can implement changes today to make it better for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

It isn’t enough for producers in the pet industry to have a “just give them what they want” mentality.  Which by the way, is the mentality of most large scale manufacturing and distribution outfits in the pet industry.  This is the reason why most interactive cat toys are made out of cheap plastic!  And the reality is that these products can’t duplicated what we do by utilizing some of nature’s own technology and combining it with modern technologies and synthetic materials.

So what we see in the marketplace today is an attempt towards producing green products, but mostly, the effort is to shift marketing strategies to claim something “Green” or “Eco friendly” about their pet product.  A prime example of this image is in “Recyclable Plastics”!

Show me a plastic that is not recyclable.  Either way, you are still putting plastic into the environment. On the other hand, if less plastic ends up wasted in the environment then that is still progress! It is also true that if you are putting plastic into the environment, then offering to replace and recycle any pet toy that a person returns is awesome, and what some have found is that by making such a sacrifice, they are able to advertise themselves as “Green” even though they are in fact producing large quantities of plastic pet products. So you see the problem isn’t necessarily the plastic. The problem is the cheap, foreign made junk plastic products that hit the garbage within days or weeks of being purchased because they are poorly designed and simply do not work. Check out West Paw Design. They produce USA made plastic pet toys that are well designed, and they have an awesome recycling program.

At CatTamboo, our unique pet toys and green business are environmentally friendly to the extreme, and we are always ready to PROVE IT! It is one thing to invest a small percentage of interest in green, eco friendly pet products just so you can advertise yourself as green for your own profitability and self interest.  It is entirely another to mold your entire business and culture around the development of innovative environmentally friendly pet products.

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Our eco friendly pet toys are green, but as a business, we offer PROOF to consumers. We prove it through pet products and business practices that are green.  We are producing green pet toys that remove plastic from the environment in volumes that would likely frighten you. Imagine what it would look like if you piled up every plastic cat toy in the world. You’d have a tower several miles tall!

CatTamboo® pet toys were designed to be in balance and harmony with nature.  We use nature to make our eco friendly pet toys, and our eco friendly pet toys are only made possible by combining nature, human ingenuity, and modern technology.  Oftentimes, nature does it Best.

We have years of hard work, ingenuity, and resources wrapped up into creating eco friendly pet products that are inspired by nature and engineered for optimal performance.

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Eco cat toys are the best cat toys! Balance really is the fundamental key to our success. Like a well designed fly rod, a properly proportioned Tamboo rod will load and whip through the air at a particular frequency or rhythm.  The first fly rods were bamboo! Nature is the model, but we won’t need to go into a description of the aerodynamics, manufacturing processes, and other technologies.  People only need to watch our demonstration video to see it! What is important to note is that synthetic plastic materials alone can’t compete! Consumers expect more. Consumers want eco friendly technology!

Much goes into making quality eco friendly pet toys. It wasn’t until we began producing eco friendly pet toys ourselves that we began to understand just how much “Much” really is. The amount of work, risk, investment and extra effort to produce a line of truly eco friendly pet toys is crazy!

Many eco friendly pet products seem so simple, but if you really knew what it took to mass produce at quality standards, you’d get a whole new appreciation for the sacrifice and service involved in bringing eco products to the world.  I know this is particularly true for our eco friendly pet toys and would guess that it is true for many other natural made, green or eco friendly pet products.

Below is a list of our accomplishments:

  1. Reduce paper use
  2. Use fuel efficient vehicles (35 mpg)
  3. Use local raw materials (we try to get our feathers from local suppliers)
  4. Conserve natural resources (we reclaim feather from hunters that would otherwise throw them away and we use natural materials like bamboo. Bamboo is highly renewable resource.)
  5. Donate to Non-profits (we will strive to keep an up to date list of links to the nonprofits we support.  Check the sidebar!)
  6. Reduce Waste (Each time someone buys one of our pet toys, the result is one less piece of junk plastic in a landfill.  This is something we feel very good about! And!!! And we’ve maxed out our effectiveness, because when you make the choice to try a CatTamboo pet toy, your PET won’t want anything else!

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