What Cats Like To Play With

What Cats Like to Play with Most

Cats are domesticated animals with a wild side when it comes to playing. Your cat will love any cat toy that mimics the natural prey it would stock in the wilderness. CatTamboo™ pet toys mimic the sounds of insects and animals in nature. This really excites your cat’s senses.

Cats also like to play with their owners! Think about it from their perspective. You’ve been gone all day at work or running errands and you cat has been home chilling out. Cats are just like people in that we all get excited when someone comes home after a day of being cooped up in the house or just hanging out alone. So what cats like to play with most is YOU!

This is why the inventor of CatTamboo Pet toys made a product that is not only enticing to pets, but also equally fun for people! The idea in mind is to take a sport that most people enjoy, like fishing, and modify it to work with a cat and a couch. There you have it, the Tamboo Flyer!

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