What is an interactive cat toy?

What is an interactive cat toy?

An interactive cat toy is one of three basic kinds of cat toys that are identified by the name that describes them. Cat toys are either interactive, self play, or automatic.  Automatic cat toys can be both self play and interactive so they get their own category.  Interactive in terms of interactive cat toys means that you participate in the games.  Some interactive cat toy examples are laser toys and feather toys where you are on the other end making the toy a bridge for interacting with your cat.  If you like playing an active roll your cats play time, then you might spend your time researching for the best interactive cat toys.

You won’t find a definition of an interactive cat toy on most online resources like Wikipedia or Webster because the word interactive describes the kind of cat toy it is, however, more definition is required because people are inventing new cat toys all the time.  Now we have Automatic cat toys which are interactive but do not require human interaction except to get them started. We even have solar powered feather toys that hang on the door.  We also have mouse toys that have been intelligently programmed to move like a mouse and designed to feel like a mouse.   These are Automatic Cat Toys. They don’t require as much human interaction.

So there is a reason to ask the question: what is an interactive cat toy?.  This is especially true if you are unclear about all the different kinds of cat toys branded on the market.  Is the toy interactive because the cat interacts with the cat toy?  No.  Is the cat toy interactive because the toy interacts with the cat?  No.  The toy is interactive when it enable a person to playfully interact with the cat. Just like the toy is automatic when it automatically moves.

Maybe a better question is:

What is an interactive cat toy made from natural materials that closely imitates a cat’s natural prey and is super fun for people?  An option is to look at the feature of the best cat toys and decide for yourself.



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