Ferret Toys

Tamboo Flyers: Teaser toys for Ferrets!

Ferret toys by CatTamboo® Pet Toys. Ferrets are exciting, fun pets that will never stop amusing you. If you own a ferret, the giving them plenty of stimulating and safe ferret toys is a great way to keep your pet entertained and happy.

Ferrets are inquisitive creature that will play with many things, but their favorite objects reflect their native environment in nature. When search for the best toys for ferrets, it is important to pick ferret toys that imitate things in nature. As always, you also want to choose a ferret toys that will not pose a safety hazard to your pet. Since ferrets like to twist and turn, we recommend avoiding string toys. For this reason, CatTamboo teaser toys for ferrets are some of the best ferret toys available. Tamboo Flyers do not use strings. Instead, a fly is attached to the end of a flexible, tapered rod. With a simple pencil grip and movement in a writing motion, the fly at the end of the rod will move in a random, enticing motion that is irresistible to ferrets. The continuity from handle to tip gives you complete control, but when the energy is transferred to the tip of the rod and the feather attempts to fly, it creates very unpredictable, life like motions that your ferret and other small pets will love!

ferret toys feather teasers
Ferret Toys

The best ferret toys attract ferrets by enticing them with their natural prey.  In the wild, ferrets hunt mice and birds much like cats do. These ferret toys look, smell, taste, feel, and sound like real birds or insects. Ferrets love chasing them and people love to make these ferret toys fly!

CatTamboo® ferret toys are fun for the entire family. Try one today!


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