Pet Product Specifications


Our pet product specifications are available to the general public. CatTamboo® Pet Toys are designed and engineered for top performance.

Pet Toy Specifications

The pet product specifications for CatTamboo® pet toys are as follows:

Each interactive pet toy is hand tuned for flying and tested for strength. Our Cat toys and teaser toys for dogs average between 5 and 8 feet in total length. Each Tamboo rod® is made from premium grade fibrous, natural, organic materials and modern material technologies. Our cat toys and dog teaser toys are unique. Tamboo rods are like bamboo with a T for TOY!!! Tamboo is also known as a form of music made with bamboo instruments which fun just like our pet toys. These pet fishing toys are proudly made in the USA

CatTamboo pet toy manufacturers are highly committed to Quality. Our pet product specifications reflect our commitment to producing quality pet products. Each Tamboo rod® is strength tested at various stages in the manufacturing process. We use Tamboo rods to make most of our cat toys and dogs toys including our pet fishing toys and feather teaser toys.

Testing Specification for Tamboo rod production.

  1. Tip ductility
  2. Mid body bend
  3. Bi-axial bend strength and ductility
  4. Shear strength at mid-body and handle
  5. Feather pull out strength
  6. Visual inspection
  7. Balance Test
  8. Flight Test

cat toy display and pet product specifications

Our pet toys can be easily repaired to extend their life and bring extra value to the consumer.

Our pet product specifications are tailored to accommodate for human error and accidents. This is just another aspect of our commitment to bringing the consumer a great value while maintaining a moral commitment to the earth and humanity by practicing the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, for a Greener Planet.

Smaller online orders are shipped with the toys rolled up in an 18″ diameter circle. After opening, pull the pet toy through the thumb and index fingers to easily straighten.

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  1. I’d like to order some, but am a bit stymied by “premium rod” classification. Weights’ influence on movement and flexibility I understand, but what is the difference between the Medium Weight and Premium Rod Medium Weight?

    1. Great question! The premium rods are about 6″ longer and the rods are heavier duty. In addition, there is better quality control on them. Not all rods are the same. We do a lot to control the quality of the product before it reaches the end user. The premium rods are selected as the premium stock. The value is in durability, better feel, and flight performance.

  2. Hi,

    I am interested in ordering wholesale for my store. Please contact me.

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    Ojai ca. 93023

  3. Your website mentions ‘weight’ in regard to the teaser feather toys. Can you please clarify and what is the difference?

    1. The weight or action of a Tamboo Flyer is similar to that of a fishing pole. The medium weight tamboo rod is thicker and more responsive than the light weight rod, but the light weight tamboo rod usually has more action. In addition, the lighter rods generally have shorter feathers. Lots of people prefer a light action combined with a broader feather like goose because they seem to float better. It is really a matter of preference. Each cat toy is unique.

      We also have heavier premium grade rods available which are heavier and more durable but with the same great action and feel.

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