Feather Definition

Feathers are a natural adornment for birds that represent the most complex integumentary structures found in land animals. If you look at the distinct detail and precision of a simple feather, it is truly amazing. When observing all the feathers on a bird, the design by nature is truly awe inspiring and represents a complex evolutionary novelty. Feathers are an evolutionary characteristic of the Aves family of animals and date back to the time of the dinosaurs. Animals use feathers for many things. The feathers (1) aid in flight; (2) provide waterproofing; (3) insulate the body; (4) add beauty and color for mating, protection, camouflage, social interactions, and more.

Sources of Feathers

[Google Images for Branta canadensis.]

 Uses for feathers:

Cat Toys

The makers and manufacturers of cat toys and toys for small dogs utilize feathers in order to imitate a predators natural prey.  Instinctively, dogs and cats are predators, and will be attracted to insects, birds, and mice.

Fly fishing flies

Fly tying feathers from the experts at Cabelas!

Steampunk costume pieces

Steampunked Feather breast plates and shoulder pieces

Feather Hats and Hat bands


Feathers in Jewelry

Feathers are used in a variety of jewelry designs and styles. Designers are using decorative feathers for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other innovative jewelry designs. Designers are getting very creative with their use of feathers.  A common technique is to mix multiple types of feathers and layer them to create beautiful patterns and pieces of art.  Some of the most beautiful feather jewelry are ear rings.  Feather ear rings are awesome because they are very light weight.  This makes feathers an ideal material for athletic jewelry.

Feathers in Art

Specifically, we are talking about art pieces that are popular trends in the art community.  Feathers are naturally beautiful and artists are naturally creative.  New techniques are surfacing every day where the artist finds a new way to use feathers to create new textures and techniques.

Feathers on Hair Accessories

By now, most people have seen the clip on feather style hair extensions that have become very popular in recent years.  Popular designs include vintage and free formed styles.  Feathers can be braided into the hair and are reported to last for weeks, even months.

 Feathers on Clothing

Feathers have always been used to dress up clothes.  People hand sew feathers into skirts, tops, dresses, and necklines of many styles of garments.  Designers use feathers to create bright focal points and attractive features along the hemlines, shoulders, and necklines of garments. Designers also use rosettes of feathers to create cameo-style medallions on skirts and lapels.

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