Colorful Cat Toys

Colorful cat toys are more likely to entice you kitty! Our researchers did a little investigating to find out why cats seems to prefer more colorful cat toys over many of the more neutral colored toys.

Colorful cat toys by CatTamboo:

Just like people, cats have their favorite colors. A great way to satisfy your cats is a fun new cat toy by CatTamboo!

CatTamboo® interactive colorful cat toys and teaser toys for small dogs are conveniently made available by color.

CatTamboo toys come in a variety of colors

So why choose colorful cat toys? Unlike dogs, cat see colors very well. However, since a cat’s eyes are well tuned for seeing in the dark, they see colors a little differently than humans. The rods and cones in a cat’s eyes are designed to perceive color, the difference being that a cat’s retina is designed to allow more light to pass through thus allowing for better night vision. Within the light spectrum are the primary visible colors that make up a very narrow bandwidth of actual color that exists within the known visual spectrum of our natural world. Feline’s see the same range of wavelength of light as we do only their eyes filter some colors and enhance other colors. So the big question that follows is:

Which colors do cat’s see best?

Colorful cat toys
Aqua Blue

Although any colorful cat toys will entice your cat, some colors are brighter to your cat! A well known fact about blue light is that it vibrates at a wavelength that penetrates deepest into the dark. The best example of this in nature is found in the ocean.  Salt Water filters the light, blocking most light waves and eventually all light – but blue light penetrates deeper.  Many corals in deep water reefs have adapted to blue light for photosynthesis.  Since a cat’s night vision is enhanced, the cat’s eyes actually utilize the deep penetrating blue light for seeing in the dark. In this way, a cat actually sees and perceives more of the blue light spectrum than Humans do. One can imagine that cat’s see blue very well and experience the color more richly and vibrantly than humans.

One can imagine that cat’s see blue very well and experience the color more richly and vibrantly than humans.

There are other colors with similar properties to the color blue. Yellow green is also very visible to cats. Cats actually see all colors but it is hypothesized that some colors are brighter than others. So far, scientist have not been able to see through a cat’s eyes; but feline eyes inspire wonder and imagination.

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