Wholesale Pet Toys

Retailers can order Wholesale Pet Toys by CatTamboo here.

CatTamboo® Pet Toys are available in wholesale quantities and prices!

Call 406-534-9707 to place your order today!

pet toys wholesale
Tamboo Flyers in floor display: Base: 9.5″ X 9.5″

Displays as shown above can be purchased and stocked per your specification.

Video Displays that loop our cat toy demonstration videos and/or graphics are available for a very reasonable price because we co-op the cost.  We co-op over 50% the price of video displays.

We have different size floor displays available. The average display holds up to 25 toys with larger displays holding up to 100 pet toys. The available equivalent in value is $1500 – $1800 of product within a 1 sq-ft area of floor space!

  1. Here is our Wholesale Price List: wholesale price list (The page is password protected).
  2. Simply click on Contact Us either here or on the top right of your screen.  Please include your company contact information for review.  We respond quickly and either (1) email you your access password or (2) require more information.
  3. Using the Wholesale price list, please email us your order and we will produce an itemized estimate that includes the cost of shipping.

Wholesale ordering is only available to businesses with an online or brick and mortar retail location and non-profits that help animals.

Thank you!

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