Help for Timid Cats !

How to help my timid cat

There are proven techniques that help timid cats. This article is dedicated to providing products and solutions that you can implement to directly help cure your timid cat of his or her timidity.

Step 1: Is my cat timid?

In order help timid cats, we should first define Timidity.  Timidity is basically the act of lacking self confidence, being fearful and shy.  Timidity  is a frequent problem that many pet (cat and dog) owners face. We feel strongly that CatTamboo interactive cat toys will help timid cats.

When a cat becomes timid, he or she acts frightened and skittish, like a phantom cat. Timidity can result from many factors but they all have one common thread. Timid cats have either lost touch with themselves, or else never found themselves.

For example, a cat that is the runt of the litter might have never bonded with the mother cat, nor got the attention it needed, nor the opportunities to learn what being a cat is all about.  Sometimes the routine that cats find themselves in will make them loose touch. For example: boredom and neglect will create timidity. Another common cause of timidity is the presence of a more aggressive cat. When you have multiple cats, competition for affections and territory can cause timidity habits in the more submissive animal.

Timid cats are fearful and tend to keep their guard up. They usually hide when someone comes inside. They dash away at loud or sudden noises and often scatter to hide at the sound of a vacuum. Most cats can be skittish at times, but when they stay out of sight for awhile after a scare, you might consider taking some action to help your timid cat. Interestingly enough, many well educated owners have timid cats to varying degrees and don’t even know it.

Carole Wilbourne (a well known cat behavioral psychologist) puts it this way. She says, “your cat does not possess the emotional thick skin or constitution that allows him to roll with the punches. Yes, he has low self-esteem.”

The obvious solution to timidity is to help your cat gain in confidence. Carole says that, “Time is the key unless you create a special program for him or perhaps engage professional help.”

Ways to help my timid cat

The best special program that I know of to help timid cats is to play with your cats. Since timid cats are already skittish and lack confidence, you need something that closely imitates their natural prey via all four senseslook, smell, taste, and touch. This way you catch and keep your timid cat’s attention.  Naturally, birds are a cats most common prey, and so feather toys and teaser toys work the best on timid cats.  However, few cat teaser toys manage to do a good job imitating birds and insects.  CatTamboo pet toys are interactive cat toys that activate all 5 senses, thus keeping your feline captivated.

Why CatTamboo pet toys help your timid cat

CatTamboo pet toys help timid cats by reconnecting them with their innate hunting instincts. These instincts are the foundation of a cat’s sense of self worth and confidence.

How to use your CatTamboo Toys to help timid cats

Our independent studies show that even timid cats enjoy watching and listening to birds. The timid cat may have never experienced a hunt, but the initial stages of learning as a kitten are to listen and observe. Most kittens learn to hunt by watching their mothers. So, if you have another cat, then your timid cat can learn to hunt from their example. We’ve seen this happen before. It sometimes takes awhile before the timid cat will attack the toy themselves, but once they do, the healing process can happen quickly. Testimonials indicate that it is best when your timid cat observes proper play and then is given the opportunity to do it themselves without another cat around.

How we made a pet toys that imitates all 5 senses of your pet’s natural prey

Here is how we do it: We use a long, unique tamboo fiber to create the flight-like action and then hand tune the wing-like feather arrangement to fly true. We use unwashed, wild game feathers to preserve the smells that cats love.

Story of timid cat named Prairie

We have tested CatTamboo pet toys on dozens of cats. In fact, we did over a year of testing before beginning to bringing this product to market. One of the cats that we did testing on was very timid. I was actually testing the products on a different cat because he was huge and aggressive (appropriately named Hobbes). Since the timid cat (named Prairie) was quite petite, I think ol’ Hobbes really drove her to be even more timid, though I expect she was also the last born in her litter. Prairie showed us that we can help timid cats!

The Demonstration video (also listed in the sidebar of this site) shows Prairie hissing at a CatTamboo pet toy. I literally spent hours testing our interactive cat toys on Hobbes and for weeks, Prairie was like a ghost – completely timid and skittish. She took off every time that I came over to test cat toys and shoot film footage. However, over the course of testing, she would loosen up enough to take a distant perch and just watch and listen to the cat toys as they whooped and swished through the air like a bird. Prairie’s owner was concerned with her timidity and noticed her interest in watching the tamboo teaser toys, so she began locking Hobbes in a separate room and playing with Prairie.

At first I guess Prairie only wanted to watch, listen, and smell. This was natural because it takes time to help timid cats relax.  And so, with time and repetition, Prairie gained enough confidence to paw at the cat toy. As she gained confidence with getting the feather part of the cat toy (and received praise for doing so).  With time, she got more and more aggressive in play. Then one day, something triggered and brought to surface the inner lioness within Prairie!

Prairie let out a roaring hiss as she attacked with all the confidence of a Lion!  And so, the was one less timid cat to help in the world.  This lead to our theory that Cat Tamboo toys help cure timidity in cats by reconnecting felines with their innate hunting instincts, building up their self confidence, and strengthening their bond with their owner –  thus reminding them of what being a cat is all about!

So if the simple equation is: Confidence and independence equals no timidity, then triggering a cat’s hunting instinct is like adding an exponent to the solution side of the equation.  This is how CatTamboo pet toys help timid cats.

Ironically, the day I went to film the cats for my demonstration video, Hobbes was just getting over a cold and seemed a bit lethargic–and even though he still performed for the camera, it was Prairie who was most eager to show off her moves!  In the end, I shot more footage of Prairie than I did of Hobbes! Needless to say, she is no longer a timid cat and her owners are really happy and grateful for that! You can catch the video by clicking here.  Enjoy!


3 Replies to “Help for Timid Cats !”

  1. We have a rescue kitten that missed important socializing when she was left with her mom and litter mates for most of the day in a garage with little human interaction. She has come a long way but is still not a very confident cat nor very sociable. CatTamboo has become her favorite teaser toy and overcomes all timidity. She goes wild for it, every time I take it out, hunting the goose feathers, and when she pounces and catches her prey, proudly carrying it to her favorite spot on the stair landing to play with and lick, before I flick it back into the air again for more playtime.

  2. I have the sweetest, but most timid cat I have ever had. I do believe it is rooted in his very early weeks before I got him. They were secluded and caged kittens. I would love to see him blossom into a confident kitty! Tamboo toys may be the answer!

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