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Teaser Toys for cats, dogs, and ferrets

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What elements are necessary in a great teaser toy for your pet: small dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, sugar gliders, and ferrets?

Several elements are required to make excellent teaser toys for pets.

  1. The first and foremost important factor in a good teaser toy is to trigger instincts by closely imitating the natural prey of your cats and small dogs.  This is essential for creating the attraction and interest necessary to tease them!
  2. Another important element of a teaser toy is to have to length or distance with which to work in.  Length is necessary in order to lead a cat or dog; and get them to maneuver, jump, pounce, attack, run, and give chase.
  3. The other important element of a teaser toy is the operator’s control over the toy. The operator must have a great deal of control over the object of obsession, otherwise, it would be difficult to tease the animal and be less fun for the pet owner.

Here is how CatTamboo® teaser toys meet the necessary requirements of a great teaser toy, thus making it the best teaser toy available anywhere:

  1. The teaser toys utilize unwashed wild game feathers to activate all 5 senses in pets. They can hear the bird, it smells like a bird, it looks like one, it feels like a bird, and it tastes like a bird. What better stimuli is there then the actual prey itself?  Multiple feathers are used to create an actual wing.  A rod made possible by combining modern manufacturing techniques and materials together with natural materials creates a Tamboo® rod with the whip-like action necessary to make the visual appearance and sounds of wings in flight.
  2. These pet teaser toys are hands down some of the longest teaser toys available for retail. The best way to imitate nature is often to use something natural.  Tamboo rods are long and tapered with a very high strength to weight ratio.  In the same way that a bird’s wing is light but strong and hollow, the natural materials in combination with synthetic materials and modern technologies creates the strong, light weight, flexible, responsive, and ductile properties that are optimal for a cat toy.  As an added bonus, the rods are eco-friendly and green by design.
  3. The ability to maintain excellent control over the wing is a strong benefit that makes these feather teaser toys super fun for people.  The rod creates continuity from handle to tip, which in turn, give the pet owner incredible control over “the bird” as it flies unpredictably through the air.

    There is no need for strings because with strings, you compromise control and safety.

    With some effort, you can actually make the teaser toy’s feathers nearly impossible for a cat or dog to catch, even while it dances all around them.  This is one reason why these teaser toys can be made to last for a long time.  Another reason is simply good design, product development, and quality control.

Teaser toys (not yet defined by wikipedia) can be some of the most exciting and interactive ways to play with your dog, cat, ferret, and other pets.  Specifically, feather teasers are most effective at triggering instincts in cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, sugar gliders, ferrets, felines, pigs, chickens, and horses.  Excellent teaser toys even capture the interest of lamas, other barn animals, ground hogs, and other exotic pets.  In essence, if the pet or animal has any interest in birds, mice, or insects of any kind, then it would likely enjoy a Cat Tamboo teaser toy.

Cat Tamboo teaser toys are particularly fun for people! Especially our really long teaser toys. It is also nice to know that you are purchasing an eco-friendly pet toy!

Teaser toys are also very effective at exercising pets within small areas such as hotels or showroom floors. This is common for show dogs that are often on the road but have bottled up energy and need to run and exercise to stay in top mental and physical condition.

Feather teaser toys are also very good as training aids. Show puppies need to learn proper gating techniques at a young age.  We aren’t aware of anything more effective at assisting in this training than CatTamboo® teaser toys.  In fact, dog trainers can use Puppy Pouncers in training classes. They can add scent to the raffia toy and then utilize the reach to teach dogs new and better tricks without having to fight the back pain from bending down all the time.  We have given lots of our pet toys away to dog trainers. What they have found is that all of the puppies love the toys! The length and control combined with the enticing nature of CatTamboo dog toys makes them a very effective training aid.  In addition, most people get very excited about the CatTamboo® teaser toys because they are exciting and fun for exercise and play!



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  1. I love this toy my cats go nuts when i bring it out, The feathers don’t come out, which i like. and u don’t have to worry about getting scratched by them because the toy is so long, anyway love the product!!! thanks again

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