Pet toys USA

Pet Toys USA made by CatTamboo® Pet Toys in Billings, Montana. Quality innovative pet toys made in Montana.

Enjoy the best pet toys made in the USA.

CatTamboo pet products are Made in the USA and Eco friendly! Get your Pet toys USA style!

Manufacturing in the USA

We have a firm commitment to manufacture pet toys here in the USA and source our supplies from Montana and surrounding states. Our headquarters for CatTamboo® Pet Toys USA is located in Billings Montana USA. We do pet toy manufacturing, marketing, and distribution from Billings, Montana and from Seattle, Washington. Most of our employees are from Billings and surrounding areas or Seattle and Tacoma Areas.  And we are proud of the fact that our pet supplies are made in the USA and Montana Made!

The green, eco friendly materials that go into making CatTamboo® pet toys are also supporting American businesses!

Most of the feathers come from small businesses that supply them within the western United States of America primarily Montana, Washington, North Dakota, South Dakota, California, and Wyoming.  Materials used for advertising, pet toy handles, pet toy packaging, and other parts are also manufactured in the USA.  Pet toys USA!


At CatTamboo Pet Toys USA, we believe that small businesses should uphold the same values that have always made America strong.

The diversification and nationalization of this country is a two-edged sword. Accessing foreign supplies and labor has become easy for American businesses. It has seemed necessary for many businesses to utilize foreign material and labor in order to compete with foreign products. The standards in comparative pricing, packaging, quality (high or low) have infiltrated our local businesses.

What is the effect if Pet stores in the United States expect to make their standard markup on local products?

Local pet stores likely need to make a 100% markup to stay in business.  In this way, we compete with cheap foreign labor directly because their pet toys are so cheap to make.

Stores could make exceptions by taking slightly smaller profits on products made locally, but this is not standard practice for pet product retailers. The overhead of running a brick and mortar business is too great. Thankfully, we have the internet!

pet toys usa

America and Americans would suffer less if the whole country started to focus on producing more products here in the USA. Make pet toys USA!  Buy pet toys USA!  Use pet toys USA.

Consumers want to buy USA and Montana Made products!

When local consumers purchase foreign made pet products over American made pet products, the economic problems of our nation and economy live on. The solution is always American innovation. Consumers are very intelligent.   More and more people want better products like those made in the USA. Consumers want quality and innovation at a fair price.

We all depend on consumer patriotism that supports local small businesses and gives preference to USA made products.

CatTamboo® interactive pet toys have advantages over the competition:

CatTamboo pet toys USA are nearly a perfect pet product for manufacturing here in the USA.  Our pet product overcomes the cost comparison challenge.

The ratio of product value to required retail floor space excellent so retailer can effectively increase their profits per square foot of floor area. Retailers can afford to pay a little more for CatTamboo® pet toys  which may not be a cheap to manufacture when compared to foreign labor rates.

pet toys usa made
Base: 9.5″ X 9.5″

Our customers

At the heart of CatTamboo’s mission is a heartfelt love for children, pets, and families.

We love pets and people, our P and P customers. We especially love our children and the joy found in their eyes as they make kitties leap through the air.

Buy pet toys USA!

We are empowered to give preference to quality products that are made in the USA! As consumers, we can strengthening our economy by purchasing products that are made in the USA! Lastly, if you purchase CatTamboo® pet toy, then you help fulfill the mission of bringing joy and awareness to pet loving families 🙂

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    1. The weight refers to the rod stiffness. Light weight cat toys are slightly more flexible and have slightly smaller feather arrangements. In addition, we have heavy weight cat toys that have larger feathers to balance the heavier rod. We sell heavy weight cat toys either wholesale or in quantities of 5 or more so they can be shipped in a tube. Typically, our wholesale orders include a variety of sizes, weights, feather types, and colors. Customers can talk to their local pet stores about carrying our pet products so they have a wider variety of our interactive cat toys and teaser toys for small dogs available in their local area!

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