What Should I Get My Cat

What Should I Get My Cat?

ANSWER: Why not buy them a CatTamboo?

Cats love toys and playing, but when it comes to choosing the best cat toy, many cats are picky. They want the natural mimic-ing of their prey and they want an audience. And a really picky cat might want you to play too. Cats want to hear, see, and smell the ruffle of a feather or the swoosh of a rodent dashing across the floor. They want to see something that is quick and alive. And they want something that smells enticing! PickCatTamboo for the most comprehensive amount of natural sounds produced by a cat toy. And as an additional bonus, you will get a pet toy that you also love to use!

Other things you should get your cat include a nice high place to perch and watch over the territory. Preferably a perch with a view. And if you say okay, well I got the perch and just bought the cat toy, what should I get my cat in addition to that?

I have an idea! You could get one of those watering dishes that is a fountain. Your cat would love that!

And if you have that, and the question before prompts you again to ask: What should I get my cat? What else would my cat smile at?

I have another idea! Maybe you’ll agree. Perhaps your cat would enjoy a scratching tree. And what else do cats do? They will watch, play, eat, drink, scratch, and poo. So maybe some of that new cat litter will do. They make it much softer, with more gentle smells, and much better clumping, and lighter too! So maybe just maybe it’s something that you and your sweet kitty cat will appreciate too.

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  1. I appreciate this “What Should I Get My Cat?” section.

    My little 2-year-old shelter cat (8 lbs.) has some big self-esteem issues and seems frightened of most toys. He likes me to toss and pull on a string for him to pounce on. Recently I discovered that he likes to bat around a ping-pong ball, but after a few minutes, he’ll get freaked out and run away. Any suggestion as to which variety and of Cat Tamboo I should try first? Many thanks.

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