Eco Friendly Pet Products

CatTamboo® pet products are eco friendly, green, sustainable, and all natural.  Our fly fishing rod or wand style teaser toys for cats and dogs are made from natural and synthetic materials. Tamboo® rods use sustainable resources to focus on being green (as in eco friendly, compostable, and environmentally safe) ….but not green as defined by wikipedia.

At CatTamboo, it is important to us that we demonstrate how green or eco friendly we are and then hold ourselves accountable for being Green and eco friendly.

CatTamboo toys are certified Green Products!

The challenges in using “Eco Friendly” or “Sustainable” materials are many, yet we feel strongly about doing our part to keep the planet healthy for future generations.

Join us in making the planet greener! You can buy Green products and discover Green businesses through websites and businesses like Howlistic and The Green Pet Shop.

CatTamboo is registered as an Eco Friendly pet product by the Green Directory and Eco Star of Montana.

CatTamboo manufacturing and distribution is focused on green and sustainable business practices with a major focus on conservation of our natural resources, primarily in wild game birds. As pet product suppliers and innovators, we combine or ingenuity with our love for the environment. We are members and supporters of many Green Product Suppliers and have our eco friendly pet toys listed on a few such websites.  CatTamboo® Pet Toys won the Eco Star Award in 2010 for our green practices as a business and our innovative eco friendly pet products.

“Instead of using plastics and metal to create a superior cat toy, we chose to take on the challenges inherent in using all natural, eco friendly, green materials to make our pet products including cat toys, small dog toys, feather toys, cat teaser toys, cat flies, cat fly rods, and teaser toys for small dogs.  The end result is a better, more sustainable pet product that you can feel good about buying, using, and disposing of when the time comes.”

Cat Tamboo eco friendly pet products and cat toys are balanced and fine tuned to our modern world. We love our Mother Earth and we Love all Cats, kittens, kitties, felines, puppies, dogs, ferrets, and basically all pets or anything in the animal kingdom that has life and importance in nature.  Mother Earth includes the land and the creatures inhabiting the land; the Oceans, Sky’s, and their inhabitants.  We respect them all. 

One way you can help support our Green Initiatives is to purchase our green cat toys, green dog toys, and other green pet products.  Another way to support our green initiatives is purchase toys from some of our wholesale customers like Get N’ Green 

The Green Product Websites and Eco star of Montana directly facilitate and encourage businesses to be more sustainable and adopt practices that protect the earth, environment, and our natural resources.  It is a mission that we all must embrace!

Another excellent endeavor is to make a commitment to win the next Eco Star Award in your state.  For the Eco Star website in Montana, click Here.

In addition, you can get more educated on Green movements in your local area and nation wide.  Another good resource is Green Drinks which is all about like minded people gathering to support Green initiatives and live Greener lives.  There are even other Green cat toys such as the Great Green Cat Toy When you make a Green decision, you make a decision for everyone! So Join us in making our planet greener!

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  1. I am interested in hearing more about your product line and would love to
    be able to offer it to our customers.

    Our online store, Eco Friendly Pet Gear offers customers a place to shop
    for all you Pet needs.

    We are diligently working to build a large selection of high-quality
    products and we believe that your products would make an excellent
    addition to our store.

    At this time we are looking for drop ship products, is this
    something your company offers or you might consider? If so, would you mind
    forwarding me information on your wholesale and/or drop ship program
    currently being offered?

    I truly appreciate your time and hope to hear from you very soon!

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