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    For Hassle free Customer Service, please call us at 406-534-9707

    If you order was damaged in the mail, please don’t stress. Simply email us a picture showing the damage. Be sure to photograph the damaged toys and the damaged packaging. Please be sure the mailing address and the postage stamp are visible in the photo. Submit pictures to so they can be processed for a replacement. Thank you for Doing the CatTamboo!

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    1. Your toys look very interesting to me. I have 2 Siamese cats (Apple Head brothers) that are about 4 years old. I have played with them almost every day of their lives. I have tried every toy I can find and they get bored with most of them. Even the fishing toy Da-Bird doesn’t keep their interest for very long. I guess they are spoiled! For cats that play A LOT and are “pro’s”, which toy would be best suited for them? Thank you for your help! Gina Day

      1. Gina,
        Our cat toys are world’s better than Da-Bird. In fact, it is amazing me that Da Bird brand cat toys are such a top seller. I think they are dangerous because of the thin fiberglass rod that can accidentally impale a person or pet. Da Bird and similar toys are also clunky (in comparison to ours) and don’t closely imitate all of the 5 senses of a bird. Our cat toys imitate all 5 senses of taste, touch, sound, sight, and smell. I recommend the goose and blue together. Blue is the brightest color for cats eyes (that see well in low light). And the goose feathers are a nice size, durable, and fly well. We get regulars reports that older cats that won’t play with other toys love our cat toys! Try one. I’m certain you and your cat will love it!!

    2. I also would like to change my order but I’m not sure what all the ends look like and which my cat would like. I think I ordered the pheasant but some of the others look so much more interesting.

    3. I bought three cat toys a while ago from you, and the Imperial Highnesses *love* them.

      Unfortunately, while the bamboo/tamboo holds up nicely, the feathers are reduced to some minor gnawed-up things, and I would like to inquire if you sell those natural feather ends/tuffs so that I can repair them.

      Thank you for consideration,
      Martina Kosloff

    4. I can say that my wife and I have three cats, and have been using the Tamboo toys since the kitties were 4-6 months old. We fortunately have had no injuries, lol…the biggest cat (a Savannah male) is constantly crashing into walls and the other cats from just not paying attention to anything around him. The toy has been proven safe. The stick part doesn’t move through the plastic tubing that holds the feathers to the stick. At the very worst, our beasties have managed to break the feathers off while we were playing and you just stop waving it around at that point (like a wand). Hope the info helps.

    5. Hi,
      Your toy looks great but I am concerned about my cat poking his eye out. Could you please explain a little more about the stick part of the cat toy and how it is covered on the end with the feathers. IE is it covered with a small piece of platic or just cut or what. Please be specific, I am very protective of my cat and he is not allowed any toys that he could choke on, die from eating, poke his eyes etc. Thanks

      1. These toys are some of the safest. The feathers are permanently attached to the end. It is nearly impossible to poke an eye out with the feather end. The feathers lightly fly and flutter through the air. The Tamboo Flyers are specifically designed to eliminate choking hazard from strings and such. You will want to use the toy properly by holding the handle and waving the wing-like feather part. The handle end could theoretically poke an eye, but we haven’t had a reported case and we feel our product is much safer than other leading brands such as Da Bird.

        I don’t know of any hazards as of the 4 years that this product has been tested and sold. We don’t guarantee safety because people can always find a way to do something stupid and unsafe.

        The most valid concern with these toys is that the fiber is all natural and can be broken. I imagine if you tried hard enough, you could generate a splinter or a paper-cut, but I would say such an injury is unlikely, and it is very unlikely that it would happen to your cat. If the toys breaks, you should through it in the trash or properly repair it before further use.

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