Interactive Cat toy comparison: Are they all the same?

Are all interactive cat toys the same? It may seems like a waste of energy to make an interactive cat toy comparison, but the reason we pose the question is because many people do feel that they are all basically the same thing. I recently heard the argument from a well known cat therapist that cats will play with almost anything.  The point being made was that CatTamboo® pet toys, though clearly better than other pet toys, aren’t necessary that revolutionary because a cat will play with anything. The catch is that many people will not play with just anything! Neither will older or less playful cats! And, most cat owners want the best for their pets.

Interactive Cat Toy Comparison or Discussion

There is a reason why most cat therapists aren’t pet product developers, but this therapist that felt that all interactive cat toys are the same does represent some percentage of people who own cats and love their cats.  

From the view of a product developer, The Consumer is King.

Consumers consistently demand better, more innovative products. We use natural material to make our premium hand-crafted Tamboo® rods that achieve a more perfect, balanced flight performance.

Consumers have been hosed because the ever expanding junkyard of completely uninteresting cat toys.

The manufacturers of most short wand type cat toys are from China and only care about feeding the consumer with more junk for profit.

CatTamboo® pet toys are American made by Americans that love pets and people.  We bring innovation and excellence to pet product consumers.

These pet toys are a spark of invention that ignited the fires of innovative product development that is continually ongoing.  The fuel for this innovation was passion for pets and people.

It is challenging to produce a pet product that meets the wants and demands of consumers. CatTamboo® pet products have been through many peaks and valleys to arrive where they are today.

I don’t believe that cats will play with almost any toy.  But I do think that most cats, regardless of age, will play with CatTamboo pet toys.  I also know that most people will not play for long with their cats if the cat toy is short and awkward to use. But once they experience the fun of a CatTamboo, they might be more willing to form a new play routine with their cat(s).

The amount of appreciation that consumers have given for introducing CatTamboo pet toys has been fantastic.  The proof is plain to see.  Americans appreciated new pet product innovations.  They also want pet products from companies that have the consumer’s best interests in mind.

At CatTamboo, we view every pet product consumer as our P and P (pet and people) customer.  It is our passion to bring these pet toys into every P and P household to share the joy that the experience of what Doing the CatTamboo can bring!
interactive cat toy comparison
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