Toys cats love: Why do cats love these toys so much?

Toys cats love the most is the topic of this post. All cat lovers who buy toys are in search of toys cats love to play with and if possible, a toy that we like to play with too.

There is a direct science behind Why cats love Doing the CatTamboo.  Please tell us how much your cats, ferrets, dogs, and other pets love CatTamboo® pet toys. We enjoy your stories!

On a number of occasions I’ve been asked the question:  What did you put on my feather teaser toy that makes my cat love it so much? What a wonderful question to be asked!  Especially since we are in the business of designing and making toys cats love.  And being an engineer and inventor, I have a sound theory on what makes it all happen with CatTamboo.

toys cats loveNature is all about balance.  So in nature, balance on many levels is used to achieve grandeur on the larger scale.  I think that CatTamboo® pet toys cover the most important levels that appeal to the 5 primary senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Most of us here at CatTamboo are cat lovers. We design toys cats love.  We also buy toys cats love. And even though we don’t necessarily like all cats, we do love most cats and have loved some cats like our own children. I think everyone designing for CatTamboo® Pet Toys is required to appreciate cats and care enough to pay attention to how they communicate.

I personally believe that cats have great imaginations. So if we have a good design that appeals to the 5 senses, then imagining the object is a real bird becomes fairly easy.

I think one day, movies will attempt to accomplish the same feat as we do with CatTamboo® pet toys.  Imagine 3D Imax with smells, humidity, heat, coolness, vibrations, etc.

The more you appeal to the 5 senses, the more real the experience becomes.

So here we have a pet toy that flies very much like a bird wing and is long enough to allow a cat to ignore you in the process of chasing it.

cat toys cats love

As the wing flies, it also makes the sounds of a wing.  The 5 – 7 foot long rod also makes a very inviting sound.

One interesting bit of insider information: when I whip a long, blank tamboo rod in the air, my brothers chocolate lab/ red-bone coon hound mix goes nuts.  He can’t see the rod whipping through the air, but the sound drives him crazy such that he’ll start jumping into the air biting at nothing.

When I get a toy whipping, the cats can hear it from across the living room, down the hall, and all the way in the back bedroom.  They come running every time 🙂 Now that is a toy cats love! And dogs love them too!

Ever see those slow motion videos of birds in flight.  Well, our demo video has some toys flying in slower motion and you’ll notice that the action is fairly similar.  Another thing you will notice is how the feathers fly through the air when you simply guide them.  They are much like an airplane wing.  As air pushes over the top of the wing, the acceleration of air creates low pressure, thus as pressure moves from high to low, you get lift under the wing.  This swooping action is nearly exactly what happens when a bird comes in to land.  And, when a bird comes in to land is when the cat has a chance!

pet toys cats loveThis bring up another good point.  Cats are hunters and hunting is challenging!  Challenging is the key word here because CatTamboo® cat toys can be a serious challenge for cats.  I think that is one of my favorite things about them.  I have enough control to make it very difficult for the most aggressive cats to catch it.  The continuity from handle to tip gives you control, but as the feather darts and dodges through the air, its movements can be very unpredictable.  This unpredictability can make them challenging to catch.  So in summary, cats are like humans in that they like good sport.

And that leads us to yet another great point.  Most pet cats love their humans.  They love you!  Ever have your cat bring you something dead, like a bird or mouse?

toys cats love mostThis is the way cats show you that they love you.  In fact, it is one of the sweetest things they will do (in their minds) to tell you they are happy and love you.  Have you thought about how much patience and persistence it must take for your cat to catch a bird?  They might wait for hours to get their chance!  Now that part of their lives they do alone, but with CatTamboo® cat toys, they get to practice and show off and share their skills with you.

This is why I recommend shooting video early when you first expose your cats to our eco friendly pet toys.  I believe it makes for the best, most exciting videos if you shoot within the first month or two of getting your new pet toy.

Add to the mix the fact that many CatTamboo® pet toy products use unwashed feathers that smell and taste just like birds (by fact that they are birds).  toys cats love loveIf you have a really big or aggressive cat-or if you have some wild cat in the breed, then also consider that these feathers are from pheasant and goose which were primary prey for such animals, so when you trace the breeding back, you will notice these instinct remain within the domesticated animals.

I think it is all of these factors combined that make the CatTamboo® cat toys so appealing to our feline friends.  This is why CatTamboo’s are the best cat toys on the market.

Cat toy product comparison

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Cat Toy Product Comparison by CatTamboo™ Pet Toys

cat toy product comparisonCatTamboo cat toys are physically twice as long as the cat wand and pet fishing toys. It is true that most cats will play with anything, but most people will not! We designed CatTamboo™ pet toys for you to give you something you will enjoy teasing your cat with.

This pet toy is made to be fun for pets and people!

This is why our teaser toys are the best cat toys.  CatTamboo™ pet toys are not available at many large outlet stores. The best place to get them is online! We do have CatTamboo cat toys in some brick and mortar pet stores and we continue to expand the availability of our cat toys.
There are some similar products to CatTamboo available in Petsmart and Petco stores across the country.  The most similar pet product is called a Cat Dancer and is basically a 3 ft piece of wire with a cardboard tip on the end.  The Cat Dancer might be one of the most popular cat toys out there. Da Bird interactive cat toys are the other competitor that has taken a large piece of the cat toy market.  Their interactive cat toy is a string and feather tied to a fiberglass rod. If you use these cat toys, please be careful with the ends of the rods. It is all fun and game until someone gets an eye poked out!

The difference in experience between these two leading cat toys products and CatTamboo™ interactive cat toys is night and day! Our pet toys are actually 100% unique in comparison.

I guess you have to pick them up or compare them to see the real difference.