How to help my timid Cat

timid cat

Timid cats are everywhere in this world. We take cats out of their natural environments, lock them in a house, form leash laws to keep them there, and then leave to work all day. This is a recipe for timidity. Its time to first discover if you have a timid cat. Since most domestic cats have some degree of timidity, the answer is likely yes when asked the question – Does your cat ever act timid? Just like with people, all cats have some behavioral issues and personal psychology happening that can be improved upon. We are all working on being a little happier and healthier.

3 Steps: How to help my timid cat

  1. Spend constructive time with you cat
  2. Observe you cat’s daily behavior when you are not home
  3. Get your cat a CatTamboo™ pet toy and visit this blog page on timidity.

Explanations of of three steps to help timid cats

  1. In step 1, the thing to know is that you are a big part of your cat’s daily life and routine. If they are experiencing neglect and boredom, then fear follows. Imagine yourself as your cat. Would you be happy? Be honest and think of how you can improve your cats daily life and routine.
  2. In step 2, the focus is on the social life of your cat when you are away from home. If you have other cats or dogs, your timid cat is likely having social issues. Your cat might spend hours perched on the toilet or a high perch while your other pets rule the territory. It is important that you diagnose the problems in your timid cats daily life if you are to help your timid cat.
  3. CatTamboo™ pet toys take all 5 senses of a bird…they way it tastes, smells, looks in the air, flies, the sounds it makes, and the way it feels….and puts it in your effortless control. It is best to hold the toys with a pencil grip. Make a writing motion and the toy will fly all over. An up and down motion imitates a bird in flight.

Steps to help timid cats using CatTamboo™ pet toys

  1. Step 1 is to get your timid cats attention. Timid cats will typically want to watch and observe the toys. You should fly them around, land them on walls, and make them look like a real bird or moth. Let the feather touch down in places that your cat can see it but not too close and definitely don’t put it in your timid cats face. If you have other cats, then let them play in front of your timid cat, but don’t let that replace your one-on-one play time with your timid cat. The one-on-one routine is important….See step 2.
  2. Step 2 is constancy. Your goal is to establish a constructive and fun routine with your cat. It has to be every day for at least a time. Your timid cat will begin to treasure that constructive time with you and will love you for it!

You can buy our interactive cat toys that help timid cats via CatTamboo’s online pet toy store!

Cat Leash Laws

cat leash laws
Cat leash laws are being passed in many cities throughout the nation and some regions have declared open season on feral cats or even banned cats altogether.
They say feral cats have never been that big of a problem in Montana because they become prey of larger wild animals such as coyote, fox, and birds of prey. CatTamboo donates to feral cat projects over in Florida,  but we have discovered that the same issues exist here in Montana as they do elsewhere.

Cat leash law advocates offer argue on two basic points: What goes into one end of a cat and what comes out the other.

First, cats cannot be fenced so they make it their business to do their business wherever they like. sandboxes and flowerbeds being favorite places.

Secondly, what goes into a cat is all too often wearing feathers. They say roughly 20,000 cats in Billings Montana kill an average of five birds apiece. That’s 100,000 birds each year, mostly sparrows.

As a company, CatTamboo™ Pet Toys donates regularly to causes that benefit cats.  Though we are not advocates against cat leash laws, we really don’t agree with such laws.  We should be getting back to balance with nature, not the other way around.  The reason for this is simple respect for natural laws.

In nature, cats exist in balance and harmony.  When cats are taken in as pets they can choose to become inside only cats, but some never will, especially those that are already outdoor cats.  It is like giving someone their freedom and then taking it away.  By standards of the Golden Rule and Compassion, it seems to border on cruelty to force outdoor cats into inside confinement. We hope that law enforcement keeps this in mind when considering enforcing leash laws on cats.

These laws may be creating a bigger problem not yet fully realized by most people.  When you force a cat out of its natural habitat, behavioral issues are likely to follow.  Many people live such busy lifestyles that cats can feel neglected and fall into unhealthy patterns of habit and boredom.  I think most inside cats experience this to some degree.

At CatTamboo, our hearts and hands go out to our feline friends!  We feel strongly that our toys will help many people face the challenges being thrust upon them and our feline pets.  How?  What CatTamboo pet toys do well is connect or reconnect cats with people and their innate hunting instincts by bringing part of a cats world into your house.  Our toys do such a good job of imitating real birds and insects that cats can have the experience of a playful hunt from within the confinements of the indoors.  They can share this experience with you!  And they will love you for it.

CatTamboo™ pet toys were designed with careful consideration of human nature in mind.  People are unlikely to spend much time playing with their cats if the cat toys they have are only fun for the cat.  People need to have fun with the pet toy also.

CatTamboo pet toys are challenging and fun.  Similar to the action of a fly rod or whip, each cat toy has a unique action.  The continuity from handle to tip provides the operator with an unique ability to make the wing-like feather arrangement (called a Cat Fly) dive, dart, flutter, twist, and fly through the air with random precision.  The length is also quite nice.  Our cat toys average over 6 feet in length.  This makes it easy to kick back on the coach and run the cat around the coffee table with little effort.

Our independent studies have shown that CatTamboo cat toys effectively reconnect cat with their innate hunting instincts while improving their relationships with their owner(s).  This is a powerful antidote when facing behavioral complexes and timidity that results from neglect and other factors such as being cooped up in a house against their will all day every day due to inhumane leash laws.

We have toys distributed for cat behavioral experts to collect more evidence and data on ways CatTamboo toys benefit cats.  Some have decided not to endorse our pet products, but they all agree that cats love CatTamboo pet toys. As this site develops, we will strive to continue connecting our customers and visitors with the resources they need to help their cats.

As new challenges knock, we will answer with American ingenuity and compassion.  This is our commitment to each and every one of our P&P (pet and people) clients.