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A TABBY CATS SWIMMING 1Have you ever seen cats swimming?
One of the most fascinating things to me about cats which many people do not know is that they are really good swimmers. Once again there is an old myth which claims that cats hate water, yet I can say by my own experience with cats that this is a false accusation. What I have found is that it is how and when the introduction to water is made that plays a significant part in your cats like or disdain for water. If a cat is introduced to water at a young age it will enjoy baths and even swimming, it really can depend a great deal upon the cat’s owner. There is also breeding to consider. It would seem that there are cats around the world which have a fancy for water; and I want to share the different kinds with you.
The Turkish Vankedisi cat is from Turkey, and lives on the eastern part of the country. These cats have a thick, protective coating. Their fur protects them from the harsh winds and snow. Like many animals, these cats shed their coats in the summer heat. Turkish Vankedisi cats are known for their white coats and blue and amber eyes.  These cats weigh between 7 and 18 pounds. Their colors span a range from mostly white, with splashes of lilac, caramel, blue, black, silver, and red. The Turkish Van cat is very intelligent, playful and are excellent swimmers. They are at home in the water and instinctively like to fish.
THE MAINE COON CATMaine Coon cats are native to New England, hailing from Maine (but little is known of its true origin). Some say it is a descendent of the cat which belonged to Marie Antoinette whom it is said sent her cat ahead to America in advance of her death. The actual name is believed to have been created due to the cats ringed tail that makes it resemble the raccoon. Cats without this ring on their tails were called Maine Shags. The Maine Coon cat is known to weigh between 9 and 20 pounds. Known to be a great mouser, they are attentive, not needy, and enjoy being in the presence of people. The Maine Coon enjoys fetching and retrieving, and likes games and toys which challenge their brain. They are known to not only like water but have been seen turning on faucets and playing in bowls. So don’t be surprised if you see Maine Coon cats swimming.
Bengal cats gets their name from the asian eastern leopard scientifically known as the Felis Bengalensis. They are a cross bred cat of domestic cat and leopard cat. This cat has a distinctive spotted coat and is known as the “water cat”. The Bengal cat weighs between 8 and 15 pounds and is highly intelligent, highly active, talkative, and loves to play and steal the covers when you are asleep.  They are very fond of water and will jump in the tub, or shower, or you may find them swimming in the pool. It is said that these asian swimming cats have webbed feet like a duck which helps them be excellent swimmers.

The largest hybrid cats swimming
The largest hybrid cat.

The Savannah cat is a wild hybrid cat descending from African Serval (scientific name is Leptailurus) and domestic cat. The Savannah is a very skilled cat which can jump 7ft in the air from a complete stand still. Savannah’s are the largest domestic cats, weighing up to 30 pounds. These cats were created in 1986. They have long legs and wonderful markings at the corner of their eyes, their ears can turn 180 degrees, and they are known to making hissing sounds like a snake. Savannahs are known to be fond of water and to like bathing. Savannah cats swimming is a beautiful sight!
The Siberian Forest cat is from Russia and is loved so much that it has been mentioned in fairy tales there. A very large cat weighing between 8 and 17 pounds (sometimes more) with very thick long hair to protect from the cold climate, it is known to live in the forest (hence its name). This cat likes people, loves to play, will fetch, and likes water. If you own Siberians, don’t be surprised if you see your cats swimming. The Siberian Forest cats are known to splash in water, drink from fountains, and play in mud and snow with their paws.
Another amazing cat that loves to swim is the Norwegian cat. The Norwegian cat is believed to be either of Great Britain descent or Scandinavian domestic cat descent. These cats can weigh between 13 and 22 pounds. The Norwegian cat (also known as Skogkatt) was believed to be loved by the Goddess Freya and known in fairytales as an excellent climber: Easily climbing up a sheer cliff which no other cat could do. They are known to have a double layered coat which repels water. This cat is known to like baths, showers, and is an excellent swimmer.
The Manx cat (also known as the Bobtail cat) is an island cat who lives off of the coast of Great Britain. The Manx cat has a double coat which can be long or short and comes in many colors. Believed to be from an ancient myth from the time of Noah’s Ark, it is said that the Manx was late to board the ark. It is said that she made an agreement with Noah to pay for her keep on board the ark by catching mice, and that Noah agreed and as she leisurely entered the ark, the doors closed and she lost her tail, thus giving these cats the name Bobtail. This cat is known to love water which many believe comes from the fact that it is an island cat. They love showers, baths, and swimming.
Abyssinian cats swimming
Abyssinian: The earliest known domestic cat

The Abyssinian cat is one of the first domestic cat breeds. Not much is known of the origin of this cat,  yet myth speculates that it is linked to the Egyptian Pharaohs and the temple art found in Egyptian tombs. Genetic testing suggests that it is from the Indian coastal region, East a
Asia, or Ethiopia. It is believed to be the oldest domesticated cat. The Abyssinian cat can weigh between 8 and 10 pounds for the males, 6 to 7 for the females; their colors range from blue, cinnamon, blue, chocolate, ruddy, lilac, fawn and blue. This is a highly intelligent and energetic cat known to get into everything and anything. It appears to be ongoing (as if it doesn’t sleep) and enjoys high places like the top of the refrigerator; and loves to be the center of attention. This cat learns fast and will retrieve things to extend its play time.

The Aby cat is also known to turn on the faucet to entertain itself, thus creating its own water park full of fun!

There are other swimming cats which you will enjoy learning about, and getting to know by following this link. These swimming cats enjoy water just like the big cat family which are all great swimmers. Tigers, leopards, jaguars, lynx, bobcats, and panthers are just a few large wild cats that love water and are excellent swimmers.
So for those who love water and have always wanted a cat who did also, I hope this helps not only alleviate the myth that cats don’t like water, but also helps bring about a new love for cats’ very amazing ability to astonish us!
Also don’t forget when looking into adopting a cat to ask a bit about its characteristics for you may find a cat who likes to swim.

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