Pheasant Feathers Wanted

Ring-necked Pheasant Feathers Wanted

pheasant-feathersCatTamboo™ Manufacturing is looking to collect ring-neck pheasant feathers. We are willing to compensate hunters, hunting outfits, and pheasant preserves for their efforts to remove, collect, and ship pheasant feathers from hunted birds. Please join us in our efforts to help conserve our natural, native resources!

When collecting pheasant feathers:

  1. You can cut through the feather stems. Just use scissors to quickly cut off the feathers.
  2. Please use separate boxes for tails and wings.
  3. Please separate wing feathers into left and right wings.

If you toss in some full pelts with each box, we use them to naturally enhance our feather toys. We use some of the decorative feathers but mostly the tails and wings. Cats love pheasant feathers and pheasant are actually a cats natural prey. In the wild, cats regularly hunt wild pheasant.

Ring-necked pheasants are widely hunted upland game birds. Many people find use for pheasant feathers in hats, hairs pieces, and fly tying. However, if you look at how many feathers are actually used, you can see why it makes since to begin collecting pheasant feathers for making cat toys. We use a greater volume of pheasant feathers than almost any other product or industry.

Hunters save your turkey feathers

wild turkey feathers

Hunters save your Turkey feathers! We will buy or trade for them!

Turkey Feather pricing:

  1. Pays $2 or more per wild turkey – More for big males.
  2. We will pay for expenses to ship the feathers to our nearest manufacturing location.


Wild turkey feathers make beautiful cat toys. We use a large percentage of all feathers on a wild turkey including body feathers. Since the cost to process the birds and preserve the feathers is significant, we are really appealing to hunter who don’t care for the fact that they end up wasting a lot of beautiful body feathers and sometime more.

Wild Turkeys- Feathers!

Worth keeping your Turkey feathers for three excellent reasons:

  1. Help conserve our natural resources
  2. Get Cash
  3. Support Local Economy

Call CatTamboo™ Pet Toys at 534-9707 or email.

Our business philosophy:

As part of or conservation efforts, CatTamboo™ pet products supply reaches out to hunters!  We ask that people help us in our efforts to conserve our natural resources.  We have successfully replaced nearly 30% of our feather supply with help from hunting outfits and individual hunters.  We will continue in our strong commitment to conservation and the production of eco pet products!

Wild Game Feathers – Wanted

Why Wild Game Feathers?

wild game feathers
We use wild game feathers to make our interactive cat toys and feather toys for small dogs and other pets like ferrets.  As part of our policy and effort to conserve our natural resources, we are asking all locals from Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, and surrounding areas to save your goose, peacock, and turkey feathers!  Millions of wild game feathers are thrown in the trash each year in Montana alone.  When you add up the waste nation wide, it is truly astounding how much of our natural resources are wasted.

We will purchase wild game feathers from you to make it worth your effort, and you can feel good about sharing in our mission of creating a Greener Planet! Naturally we ask for donations first, but please don’t let that stop you.  Everybody knows that recycling isn’t a great way to make money, but it is a good thing to do and we make it simple.

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Thank you!