Strange things that cats do

Strange things that cats do
STRANGE THINGS CATS DO Last week the creator of CatTamboo pet toys (Daniel Bisso) and myself went to the Las Vegas Pet Expo. We had a wonderful time there and were able to introduce his new line of dog toys called Puppy Pouncer’s. While in Las Vegas, we met some of the most amazing people who shared stories with me about their cats and some of the strange things that cats do. I listened intently to everyone and was inspired by the realization that every cat is unique!
Every cat has it’s own skills, talents and flamboyant personality. I knew that I needed to share the wonderful stories here with the CatTamboo viewers. For instances; I met a girl named Alicia who said she has a cat named “Will”. Her cat will only play with her. “Will” allows the other house hold members to feed him and caress him, but Alicia is the only one he is willing to let @loose and play around with. Alicia said that “We got Will when he was 6 months old, he is now 2 years old and nothing has changed. I am still the only one that he will play with.” One gentleman said that his cat likes to jump on his back when he gets out of the shower and rides on his back throughout the house until he bends down to show the ride is over. Another woman said that she has a cat who likes to lift things with his paws as if he has hands. He will eat this way or grab things and hold them in his paws. Someone else said that their cat likes to steal things especially the glasses from off its owner, and then likes to hide them! Another person said that their cat likes to sing to them; and yet another (while hiding under a bed or chair) likes to attack peoples feet as they walk by.

STRANGE THINGS CATS DO LIKE CLIMBING DOWN TREESI remember two kittens that I had that liked to climb trees. What made it really amazing was that they liked to climb down the tree head first! There was even an article that I wrote about a few months ago where cats were mimicking the sounds that birds made to leer them out of there nests.
I liked this story so much that I sent a request on Face book to some of my friends asking them to share their stories about their cats and got some wonderful feed back! Here are just a few:
Mark Lynde shared this comment “I have a female Tabby named Bella. I absolutely cannot raise my voice in the house,..even if I am on the phone laughingly telling a story..( or anything!! ) because if I do, Bella will frantically come from anywhere in the house..meowing and then crawl up my legs to get me to stop. I believe she thinks I am in distress and that really freaks her out! Mark works with cats and said that he has always had cats and that this unique behavior was a first. “She waits in the window for me to get home and when she sees me, she goes back and forth in the window. Then, I watch her hop down and meet me there at the front door.”
Mark Ludlam shared that, “Every time I play my grand piano, my cat crawls inside and lays on the lowest strings.”
My dear friend Danilyn Bisso shared this with me: “My cat stares at you in a very freaky way and just sits there in your face, stares and purrs.”
Matt Moser sent me this one: “My cat is a big lover and my dog and he are buddies. Really best buds. I know this sounds cruel, but the cat kills the rabbits, birds, mice, etc and then gives them to my dog who eats them!”
And although sad, this one from Christine Cross is very sweet. She says, “I do remember that when my late husband Steve passed away, our cat named Scottie quit going to the shop (across the alley where Steve worked) because he was grieving. He was the office cat for Steve’s Dish Network business and would lounge on Steve’s desk …so sweet, he was… but he was sad when Steve died.”
STRANGE THINGS CATS DO LIKE CLIMBING THE SCREEN DOORSam Bisso has a cat who is now nine years old and likes to go outside. What’s cute about him is when he is ready to go back into the house he will jump on the screen door and hang there looking in until someone opens the door!
An anonymous person sent in that their cat loves to sing. She waits till they get home and starts singing! When she hears music, she will often start singing.
A cat named “Fluffy” liked to cling up a person’s leg.
Another cat likes to climb under the staircase upside down.
I decided to take my research further to the internet to see if there were any other wild tales of strange things that cats do. I first went to youtube and found a cat which while playing with a laser climbed vertically straight up the wall! Another cat would sit with it’s mouth open with an expression of Shock or Awe. One cat would arched it’s back with its hair straight up and walk in a reared up position, ready to attack!
STRANGE THINGS CATS DO LIKE OPENING DOOR 2jpgI found a cat that likes to close doors; a cat that liked to hide in draws; a cat that liked to scale doors; a cat that liked to run on it’s front paws; and a cat that liked to stand on it’s back legs while looking out of the window.
And last but not least, I found Cats that like to do back flips!
One more story that I would like to share with you is about my cat Lynx. Shortly after getting Lynx I started hearing strange knocking sounds in my home and realized that while Lynx was cleaning herself she would use her hind legs to kick the wall. Strangely the effect she creates makes a thumping sound like “Thumper” from the Disney movie “Bambie”. Lynx has mastered her talent so well that when she wants something, she will kick on the wall to get our attention or use her newest skill when searching for us, then walk around the house saying “Hello”. Over my life I have had many cats that did strange things.
STRANGE THINGS CATS DO LIKE SITTING IN ON A OPEN DOOR jpgCat’s are such amazing beings and a joy to be around. It is just fun to discover what talented, fun, and beautiful creatures are cats! And if you don’t yet own a cat, I hope this helps you appreciate our feline friends just a bit more.

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