Kitten Bowl by Hallmark

Kitten Bowl 2014 on the Hallmark Channel

CatTamboo is an unofficial supporter of the Kitten Bowl 2014!  The “big game” is scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday at 2pm MST.  The Kitten bowl is a new creation that will feature cute kittens playing on a football field made specifically for kittens, complete with scratch goal posts and catnip football.  You are sure to love this cute, funny creation hosted by Beth Stern (wife of Howard) and radio sportscaster John Sterling!  Guest celebrities include Regis Philbin and Rachel Ray.  Join us in support of this cat lovers event which proves that all the world loves kittens!

kitten bowl
The Kitten Bowl by Hallmark

This Superbowl feature celebrates families and recognizes the important role of pets in our lives!  The kittens that are participating in the kitten bowl are all being adopted by American families!

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2014’s first annual Kitten Bowl.

Hallmark channel is giving kittens the chance with Animal Planet’s annual Kitten Bowl 2014!

Filming features as many as 70 kittens from North Shore Animal League.  The kittens will perform in two preliminary playoff games.  The game includes an obstacle course and championship match!

Stay tuned for preview clips from Hallmark via Youtube!

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