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On May 23, 2011 we changed our shipping and handling procedures which have been a total success! USPS still damages some of our pet toys, but it is now 9/1/2015 and we are still shipping our pet toys in the same way with excellent results. However, there are some changes coming. We had some new boxes designed that will be using recycled cardboard!

In 2011 we began shipping our CatTamboo™ pet toys in Large 18″ square Poly Envelopes reinforced with 1″ foam sheets. The envelopes are water proof and easy to write on!  The results where okay, but we had some issues with the pet toys coming loose in the packaging. The solution that we implemented was to securely tape the pet toys to the foam board. Ever since we began this practice, the results have been fantastic.  As a company, we also decided to warranty the delivery by handling the post office claims…thus ensuring that our customers have a hassle free experience should merchandise be damaged in the mail.  For larger orders, we ship in recycled cardboard mailing tubes. We have had some of the tubes crushed during shipping, but it is rare that the pet toys are actually damaged.


In 2011, we were striving to send updates about our pet products over Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter.  Probably the best way to remain updated on changes to the website and products is to follow our facebook and google plus pages.  The website is continually under construction so please bookmark our website and when you return to purchase another toy, stay awhile and see how we have improved our website! Our Newsletter is also a great way keep up with new developments.  The signup box is currently in two locations on the website sidebar.


We are continually working on new prototypes and product development.   We hope to have several more new item available soon.  In addition, we have the ability to make tougher pet toys for medium sized dogs!  Due to the growing success of these Tamboo Flyers in the dog market, we are in the process of launching a new website that is appealing and easier to find for dog owners. We are rolling out a new, custom built eCommerce site this fall 2015.


We continue making progress towards being sustainable by utilizing natural resources.  Our primary focus now is to grow our network for collecting feathers that hunters and farmers would otherwise throw away.  We have discovered that by doing this, we are able to offer a much nicer product because the premium feathers that we can collect from hunters are valued much higher in wholesale and retail circles. The newest development is that we are touring Hutterite Colonies to check out their white turkeys. If we find a way to do business with them, we will post more news and updates on the topic.


In 2014, turkey feather increased in price. At some point in the near future, it is highly likely that the Turkey feather toys will increase in price yet again. It is more difficult to collect turkey feathers.

In addition, we have discontinued the peacock feather toys and instead offer the option to add a peacock eye feather to your feather toy.  Peacock feather toys once used actual peacock wing feathers and an eye from the tail feathers for decor in addition to marabou plumage for color.  However, the wing feathers are expensive and difficult to come by, so we have discontinued them.

What we did was to create an option for customers to add a peacock eye feather to either the Pheasant, Goose, or Turkey for an additional charge. We have had a lot of customers choose this option!


Hands down, our best selling toy is now the Goose feather toy.  The most popular color is still Aqua.  The most popular weight is Medium. We are selling a lot of Premium rods because customers enjoy the added value and performance.


The average length of a regular Tamboo Flyer is 5-6ft, however, we do have short, medium, and long toys available for purchase.  The minimum length for good action, flight performance, and feel is about 4 feet. We are only months away from adding a newly created eCommerce website! This site will offer more options and more flexibility for future expansion.

That is the latest News. Thank You for Doing the CatTamboo!

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