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“Bring out the Beast in your Cat”

The spirit of the lion runs deep within every domesticated cat and many humans. The spirit of the Lion manifests itself in domestic cats as a part of their innate nature to hunt and rule as kings and queens.

Lions are a type of cat that lives in prides. The Pride is a family unit typically with a few males and up to a dozen or more female lions and their offspring. The female lions are called lionesses. Within the pride, the lionesses are all related and their young stay in the pride until they mature. Young males eventually leave the pride to establish their own prides. Within a pride, lions often show affection by touching or rubbing heads, licking, purring, and doing what cats do. The males are very territorial. They fight to defend their domain and use scent markings to help establish their territory.

Male lions have thick furry manes of long hair around their heads and necks. Their manes protect them during fighting. The male lions defend their territory while the females do most of the hunting.

Today, lions are only found wild in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, except for one very small population of Asian lions that survives in India. Fewer than 20,000 lions remain in Africa as of 2013. They used to live all over Africa, but now they are confined mostly to the South Sahara desert and parts of Southern and Eastern Africa.

Lions are called the “king of the jungle” because they possess both beauty and incredible power.

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solar lion leo image
“Bring out the Beast in your Cat”

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