Worlds Largest Cat Toy


Introducing the Worlds Largest Cat Toy

Some domestic cats are drastically larger than the average pet cat. CatTamboo has designed a special cat toy for especially large domestic cats and cat owners because large cats need the worlds largest cat toy. To give you an idea of how big some cat breeds can get, we’ve included this video on Savannah’s. The Savannah is the largest cat domestic breed.

Savannah cats are a cross between the domestic and the Serval cat – a breed of wild African cats that are decedents of the Cheetah. The Savannah breed was accepted as a championship breed by TICA in 2012. Savannah cats are very social, intelligent, loyal, and can trained to walk on a leash.

A toy made especially for Worlds Largest Domestic Cats

In order to make the world’s largest cat toy for the world’s largest cats, you need some superior materials.

CatTamboo™ pet toy manufacturers use their premium selection of natural materials to make a cat toy that is between 7 and 8 feet long! These giant cat toys use large, beautiful wild game bird feathers from large game birds like Wild Turkey and Pheasant. The pet toys are reinforced for extra durability and strength.

You can order CatTamboo™ designed for large cats by selecting Large Premium from the Online Pet Store.

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