Pheasant Feathers Wanted

Ring-necked Pheasant Feathers Wanted

pheasant-feathersCatTamboo™ Manufacturing is looking to collect ring-neck pheasant feathers. We are willing to compensate hunters, hunting outfits, and pheasant preserves for their efforts to remove, collect, and ship pheasant feathers from hunted birds. Please join us in our efforts to help conserve our natural, native resources!

When collecting pheasant feathers:

  1. You can cut through the feather stems. Just use scissors to quickly cut off the feathers.
  2. Please use separate boxes for tails and wings.
  3. Please separate wing feathers into left and right wings.

If you toss in some full pelts with each box, we use them to naturally enhance our feather toys. We use some of the decorative feathers but mostly the tails and wings. Cats love pheasant feathers and pheasant are actually a cats natural prey. In the wild, cats regularly hunt wild pheasant.

Ring-necked pheasants are widely hunted upland game birds. Many people find use for pheasant feathers in hats, hairs pieces, and fly tying. However, if you look at how many feathers are actually used, you can see why it makes since to begin collecting pheasant feathers for making cat toys. We use a greater volume of pheasant feathers than almost any other product or industry.

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  1. Randy…I actually live ouistde of Denver, CO but my whole family lives in Idaho! I hunt chukars every year with my younger brother Andy who\’s a lawyer in Idaho Falls. I\’m not sure how the birds are, but one thing I\’ve learned is that I seem to find a few coveys every year regardless of what the DOW posts! They had plenty of moisture there this year! I hope the numbers are good! The end of October is a good time to head that direction because you can hunt grouse, huns, and chukars.I have read Holthouser and enjoyed his book! One of my hobbies is collecting bird dog and upland bird books!Have a great Fall!Shawn

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