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  1. I would like to learn more about the product. I am not sure if color matters, so I will select natural. How much is shipping to zip code 21046 in Maryland?

    About a month ago we rescued a cat. My friend owns a vet practice and one of her clients brought in a cat with an infected paw that they found while camping in the mountains. She kept the shy kitty at her practice for two months and it’s paw is fully healed. We aren’t sure if he is feral, had a family, or what. He is very very timid and doesn’t play unless he can swat from under the bed. He comes out for me to pet him, but only if I sit on the ground and move slowly. He goes back into hiding if my husband and children are around.

    I have tried a few fishing type of cat toys but as soon as he looks up and sees my hand he stops playing. So what interests me about this product is the flexibility and length.

    I would like to learn more.

    Our family is not well-suited for a timid cat. We will only continue to stress him out. I have to figure out if he can overcome his fears, or if I should try to find him a home with just one person. This is a sweet little guy and I hate to have to confuse him even more by passing him around so trying to find a way to help him. We are also using feliaway air diffuser to ease his anxiety.

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