Best cat toys

Best Cat Toys: 10 features!

best cat toys
The Best cat toys are designed intelligently for cats and cat owners. Cats will play with wide variety of natural things, but the creative ingenuity of human beings is a powerful tool that has resulted in some of the best cat toys possible. CatTamboo cat toys are an example of how understanding cats and nature can result in a design for the best cat toys possible. There are some important features that make tamboo teaser toys the very best cat toys.

10 features of the best cat toys

  1. Made from natural materials
  2. Interactive
  3. Closely imitate a cats natural prey
  4. Use natural cat attractants
  5. Are durable and repairable
  6. Are safe for pets and kids
  7. 100% made in the USA
  8. Eco friendly and good for the environment
  9. Exercise your cat
  10. The very best cat toys are fun for people

Why these 10 features create the best cat toys

  1. Nature is a cat’s playground. Cats prefer natural materials because they are  creatures of nature. This isn’t to say that cats won’t play with synthetic materials, but generally speaking, if you want the very best cat toy possible then using natural materials is a good place to start.
  2. Interactive cat toys engage the pet with the pet owner.  This activity builds trust and companionship between the cat and cat owner.  By making a cat toy interactive, you create opportunities for both participants to enjoy play-time together.  When combined with the other elements that make a great cat toys, this feature of interactivity has a very positive and lasting effect on the overall well being of your cat.
  3. The best cat toys imitate a cats natural prey. Excellent cat toys are extremely attractive to cats. Every cat has an innate hunting instinct that is a part of their basic genetic makeup and design. Cats are happiest and healthiest emotionally, physically, and mentally when they are in touch with their basic hunting instincts. Many behavior issues such as timidity result from a cat losing touch with its hunting instincts because these instincts are the root foundation for a cats self confidence and ability to survive which is a core part of their autonomy.
  4. Using natural attractants is obviously necessary in making the best cat toys. Most cat owners have hands on experience with the natural effectiveness of catnip. There are other cat attractants that work just as well. You can learn more about the various cat attractants here.
  5. The best cat toys are durable and repairable. As consumers, we want a product that will last. This does NOT mean that we need a pet product that is indestructible. Natural materials are not designed to last forever. Materials like that are bad for the environment. The best cat toys strike a good balance in durability. For example, why put feathers on the end of a nearly indestructible plastic rod when the feathers will get destroyed? The expected life of the materials are inconsistent. A better solution is to make the cat toys repairable so people on a tight budget can extend the life of their cat toy without being forced to throw plastic in the trash and buy a new one only to repeat the same cycle of wasting energy and putting plastic into landfills.
  6. The best cat toys are safe for cats and kids! Seriously, the leading cat toys on the market can be dangerous! Take the “Da Bird Cat Toys” as an example. They are the top selling, top rated cat toy and yet they have a string that presents a choking hazards for pets and children, and these toys have a sharp end on the synthetic handle that can be used to take out an eye. This is mainly a danger because the length of the cat toys is around 3 feet which is much like the average length of a sword or poker. Thousands of people are injured by toys like these every year and many consumers are asking specifically for cat toys that are safer because word about this problem is getting around. CatTamboo® Pet Toys are string less and the wands are over 5 feet long and super flexible. You really can’t hold a Tamboo Flyer by the wrong end and have anything that would easily poke out an eye. We aren’t claiming that is isn’t possible, however, we are claiming that our toys limit the risk that an eye could get poked out.
  7. The best cat toys are make in the USA because all of our pet products and the materials that we use are from the USA. America is the home of freedom and freedom inspires the very best innovations.
  8. The very best cat toys are good for Mother Earth. This means the best cat toys are eco friendly, safe for the environment, all natural, and green. Eco friendly cat toys are typically made from all natural materials and natural materials are generally biodegradable, compostable, and safe for the environment because they are made by nature.
  9. Cats need exercise to be healthy. This is why the best cat toys give your cats a good dose of daily exercise. This is especially important if you have an indoor cat. If your cat isn’t getting other forms of exercise, then get them a CatTamboo and they will run themselves into a heavy pant. We caution cat owners to pace themselves during play time if their cat is out of shape. Some cats can pant so heavily after chasing a CatTamboo that they can hyperventilate – which isn’t good. Build them up gradually. CatTamboo® pet toys are a strong attractant for cats and it is likely that your cat will not self regulate their own play without getting completely exhausted first. Remember that cats need playtime for self confidence, so if your cat is panting heavily, let it catch the toy and enjoy loving on it some before running the poor thing to death again.
  10. The best cat toys are fun for people! What good is having a cat toy if you don’t like using it to play with your cat? CatTamboo® cat toys are super fun to play with because each toy has a rhythm and techniques that make them fly different ways. The experience of Doing the CatTamboo resembles fly fishing only instead of fish, you are fishing for your cat. It represents some challenges, and much like fishing, when you get a bite, there are often aerobatic leaps into the air that follow. It is straight up good entertainment people! So get your very own CatTamboo pet toy today and find out for yourself why they are the best cat toys in the world!

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