Domestic cats gone wild

Cats Gone Wild

cats gone wild

Cats gone wild … cats are meant to be wild, but indoor cats don’t have that opportunity. Cats are the kind of pets that would wanna lay around and be lazy all day. And when you start really missing them, you want to spend some quality time with them. CatTamboo pet toys are a great way to spend time with you cat and allow them to be wild when indoors. They will love playing with you and they will play all day until they are worn out. CatTamboo™ pet toys sound like real live birds flapping their wings. So your kitty cat can hunt but not kill. Cats have the instinct to kill. Now instead of having your cat kill pore baby birds outside your house, they will play all day with something that is fun for everyone!

by Hailie Newman

The wild nature of Domestic House cats

Deep within every domestic cat exists an inner lion just waiting to be released. This instinct is as natural to a domestic cat as human instincts are to humans. Cats are hunters by natural design. The origins of domestic cats all trace back to wild cats. One such ancestor is the Eastern wildcat which lives in the desert lands of the Middle East.

The first human pets were wildcats. This dated back like ten thousand years when settlers first began inhabiting new lands.

Wild cats are genetically diverse and this lead to many different species. Their genetics allowed them to domesticate naturally. With time, they got more accustom to human interaction and the breed evolved from there. So cats never escape their wild cat lineage. They will always be blended with a little bit of a wild side, and that is part of what we love about them. Our cat Padme was a Tabby, but get to know her and you’d see a wild panther. Our other cat Pippin kills bunnies and eats them. Pippin is the sweetest cat in the world, but he eats bunny rabbits raw, and I’m not talking about just eating some of the bunny. In fact, he eats 4 or 5 bunnies a year, generally focusing on the legs and back. He always has his house food, but by nature, Pippin is wild and likes to hunt, kill, and eat raw meat.

Human impact of the wild nature of Domestic Cats

Humans greatly impact the nature of domestic cats gone wild. Humans tend to lock cats indoors, declaw them, and keep them away from killing birds and bunnies. In fact, cat lease laws are now mandatory in many states and cities throughout the US.

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