Worlds Longest Cat Toy at Billings Nursery on Poly

Worlds Longest Cat Toy in Billings, MT

Back in 2010, CatTamboo™ Pet Toys introduced the Worlds longest cat toy to the local Billings Montana market via trade shows. We had a booth at Billings Nursery for their Fall, 2010 Craft Show.  We just want to extend a warm thank you for having us! Pet toy sales more than paid for the event and we had a great time visiting with everyone. Our business has expanded every year and now it is 2015. We no longer do local craft shows or fairs because our business is busy with online sales and we let the brick and mortar retail pet stores handle getting our pet toys into the hands of pet owners.

Billings Nursery is located on Poly Dr in Billings, Montana.  It is 2015 and they are still rocking it! They have a wonderful store packed full of wonderful things for your home and garden including some amazing art work from seriously talented artists like Lance Johnson and Dawn Ness.

Back in the day, consumers got to experience the variety of pet toys we offer, compare and contrast,  and hand pick the pet toy of their choosing.  We would offer special pricing because the trade shows are really marketing efforts.  In the past, we have sold pet toys for only $10 each, or $13 for really long toys. Today the same cat toys can retail for as much as $24.95. At trade shows, we would sell the world’s longest cat toys which are available over 8 feet long.  This is longer than anything we have supplied to retail outlets and longer than those you can purchase through this website.  Even our average 6 foot long cat toys are the longest cat toys by a couple feet when compared to our competitors.  So how long is the world’s longest cat toy?  One piece cat toys go up to nine feet in total length and two piece cat toys can go longer.

We missed doing this trade/craft show in the Spring but we couldn’t miss the Fall show.  If you haven’t been before, it is worth a visit.  Just go West on Poly Drive, past 17th street and on down…you will see it on the right.  This is a fantastic, tightly nit little neighborhood.  They even have their own cute little grocery only blocks away.

The the Billings Nursery craft show runs every Spring and Fall.  It is well advertised, so keep your eyes open or ask them about their craft show the next time your shopping there.

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