Lion Attack – Cat Hunting Instincts

Cat Hunting Instincts

Google Lion attack and you’ll recognize that tigers and lions have a deeply embedded hunting instinct that is easily triggered. Domestic Cat hunting instincts are also a deep part of their genetics that varies between breeds but is common to nearly all breeds of cat.

Like so many things, life is a progression.  What we see happen with Lions is a clear indication of what is also active within related species.  CNN news headlined a story of some lion attacks at a circus.

People have spent considerable time and effort trying to repress cat hunting instincts. If you treated your kitty cat like they treat the lions in this video, would he or she attack you?  Seriously, your pet has more freedom than these lions.  Do the same to your sweet little kitty cat and the result would be the same. The very same instinct is in all felines and also most canines.  It is animal instinct, born of nature, only masked by human interaction.

PS—This guy finally gets what he deserves!  Not sure why people are so stupid.

If you own a bobcat, then you probably recognize the point I’m wanting to make here.  In general, cats are cats.  Pet lion, pet bobcat, pet pussy cat – the only real difference is size and strength.  They are all hunters and felines.  Yes they can all be gentle animals that love people, but with obvious limits.  House cats are breed to be tame and have evolved in a close parallel to people.  Yet, a cat is a cat:  they will hunt, mark territory, fight, compete, defend, communicate, and play just like the rest of their species.  It is in recognizing this fact that CatTamboo pet toys were created.

cat hunting instincts

If you own a cat or cat(s), you can imagine your family pet as a lion.  They need balance so they can be themselves.

In truth, your family cat is more complex than lions because they love you, they depend upon you, and you aren’t anything like their natural prey.  Though an interesting comparison is that cats are like people, in particular women, and women are more like lions because if your a man, you are their natural prey. Since lions prey on large animals and humans qualify, the obvious difference between domesticated house cats and trained lions is their relationship to man along the food chain.  However, wild domestic cats aren’t so far from wild lions in that they often fear humans and would likely shred you if you grabbed a hold on one of them.

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