Unique facts about cats

Unique fact about cats:

Although there are many people who have cats. Few and far between know anything about their feline friend. For instance:  Did you know that outside cats can learn to imitate the sounds or calls of birds? They have learned to do this in order to lay traps for birds in high trees. They make sounds to imitate a baby bird who is fallen from the nest. This calls down the parents and the cat pounces! What is truly amazing is that people all over are recording their cats making these sounds. I did a upload search and found several of wild cats whom people recorded to cat owners recording their feline friends. It is just another fascinating fact about our beloved friends.
Below is Samara-Chuna a beautiful house cat showing you vocal skills as she tried to persuade some birds in a tree above to come down and visit her.

This was a wild one: that inside cats have learned to create sounds to communicate with their human family? Many of the calls that you hear your cat make are designed directly to communicate with you. The normal meow that you hear from your cat is not something that a wild cat will do when outside, it is only the something that an inside cat does to his or her human family.
A few months ago I saw a TV show about unusual facts about cats and the meowing was discussed as a unique ability aimed specifically toward humans, yet when I researched it online it has been received as unconducive. Maybe one day we will prove that the meow was created for communication to humans, for now it is fun to have them talking to us at all.

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