The nature of cats hunting

The nature of cats hunting:

My cat is so quiet.  Sometimes it just appears right next to me.  One of the coolest things to me about the nature of cats is that their ancient predator instincts have never left them.  Unlike many dogs, cats have not learned how to be trained in the sense of losing who they are.  To many, cats are an enigma, yet, in truth their stealth ability is embedded within their genes.  As kittens, they begin to display this skill during play with their ambush attacks, prancing, and stalking.  Our feline friends are demonstrating their natural ability to hunt.  When you think of this, silence would have been most important to their ancestors.  Here is somethings you should know about your cat; their beautiful mouths are designed with shorter muzzles creating a strong bite making their jaws perfect for killing, they also have an add on molar a special  spur which is  called a anterior cusp which allows it to crush bones.  Their tongues which feels like sandpaper to us has sharp ridges called papillae. These are little spines made of keratin (this is the same stuff in hair and nails) you can see how this is helpful during a kill and when cleaning themselves. Their whiskers, and shapes of their ears play a large part on hearing high frequencies and the movements of their prey.  They are able to rotate their wrists, have retractable claws, pads and fur on their feet which provides silence for them to stalk. Scientist believe that cats may be the cause of the death of mammals ranging anywhere between 6.9 billion and 20.7 billion. They also believe that cats are the cause of bird death ranging between 1.4 billion and 3.7 billion. Known to be just as good of a hunter as a lion or tiger our household pets are truly a magnificently designed animal. So when you feline friend appears out of nowhere, be glad that you are not on their menu.


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