Hunting is an interesting behavior in people and animals.  It is also a very common behavior.  For people, hunting has become a favorite past-time, but for both humans and animals, hunting used to be a way of life and survival.  So hunting is a core instinct that we see play itself out in the lives of animals, pets, and people.

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Hunting Canada Geese

The Canada goose is a beautiful native bird to Montana.  It has an average wing span of 3-4 feet and each wing is full of beautiful feathers.

Limits on Canada Geese are high, so some hunters are know to shoot as many as 100 geese per season.  The Canada goose is an intelligent wild bird.  During the Spring, they join into strong family units and the mate for life.

During hunting season, decoys are often used to call in large flocks of geese.  If you look into the skies of Montana in November and December, you are bound to see thousands of Canada Geese in large flocks.

The largest attraction for hunter is the sport of shooting the geese and the large tasty breast meat.  Some hunters have Chinese friends that cook up the goose breasts and thighs for free then join in a community meal with the goose hunter and his family.


What do I do with the Goose Feathers?

Some use them, some toss them, everyone should really either use them or donate them!




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