With the expansion of leash laws and busy work schedules, timidity in cats is increasingly more common. This article is dedicated to helping diagnose and heal timid cats.

Advice from Carole Wilbourn, the cat therapist (thecattherapist.com): Ingredients for a timid cat:

  1. If your cat was the last of the litter to be born or he/she was the runt.
  2. If your cat was always second in line for a nipple, often being pushed aside by his litter mates.
  3. If your cat had a lack of resemblance to his mother which led her to favor the other kittens.
  4. If your cat’s mother nursed her kittens for less than five weeks, and then lost interest in her kittens.
  5. If your cat is always shy around people and keeps its distance.

Actions that define a timid cat:

  1. If your cat is always on guard. Timid cats often have their guard up even when he’s curled up in your lap.
  2. When visitors stop by or at any sudden loud noise happen and your cat runs and hides.
  3. When your cat freaks at the sound of household appliances like the blenders and vacuum cleaners.

Don’t Lose Hope! Your timid cat will improve with your love and support! Just keep in mind that it can take some time to heal:

Timidity affects a cat like behavior patterns affect humans. Timidity becomes a habit for your timid cat. Even though you have made your timid cat feel loved, and even if your cat has become a less reserved, remember that your cats rocky start in life has paved the way for timid behavior. Your timid cat does not possess the “emotional thick skin” that allows it to deal with the daily stresses of life. Timidity in your cat results from low self-esteem. When you continue to nurture your cat, and engage your cat in confidence building play, the timidity will gradually pass. As your cat matures and learns how to connect with its innate instincts, it will gain confidence, and the timidity will quickly fade. In some cases, timid cats need enjoy their new confidence so much that they become little lions and lionesses! The key here is to realize that it takes time, understanding, and a solid game plan.

SOLUTION by CatTamboo:

As devoted pet owners, we need productive ways to connect with our animals.  It isn’t enough to know that we need to give them love.  How many of us are really experts at love anyway?  Empathy and unconditional love that stem from selflessness and service will heal your pet, but we need practical tools to use.  Life is busy and most of us want to enjoy our pets!

Laura suggests that it is a basic, deeply rooted problem that often makes cats timid.  So how can you connect with them in a way that heals their source of pain?  One way is to reconnect them with their innate hunting instincts!

cats are hunters

Cats are natural born hunters.  Their ability to survive in the wild depends on it, and nature’s process of selection favors the strong in this way.  If you have a timid cat that was likely the runt of the litter, then by nature’s law, the cat would have likely perished early on.  So you are your kitty’s savior!  The confidence that is instinctive for cats is gained from hunting, but cats in captivity often loose themselves, thus never connecting with their instinctive nature.

CatTamboo toys are a new interactive pet toy scientifically designed to trigger this hunting instinct.  The instinct is primal!

flying cat

If the animal eats birds, insects, mice, bats or other small creatures, then this product will captivate their interests.  In fact, I have even seen a bearded dragon (lizard) pursue and taste one of the CatTamboo pet toys.  Sugar gliders, ferrets, cats, dogs, and wild or zoo animals of many other or similar species are instinctively captivated by these pet toys.

So how do CatTamboo toys accomplish it?  CatTamboo™ pet toys are comprised of an all natural tapered rod with multiple feathers attach to the end.  When the cat toy is whipped through the air: the feather flies like a wing thus making the visual movements and audible sound of real live prey. Each pet toy is hand tuned so the wing-like action is optimized.

So try out this amazing new pet product and watch how within two months of loving play that is fun for both you and your timid cat, you can witness the transformation.

interactive cat toys

The key elements to helping cure timidity are:

  1. Entice your timid cat
  2. Help them gain self confidence: let him catch the cat toy once in a while.  At first your timid cat might just want to watch and listen.  This is good!  It means you have their attention.
  3. Help them gain trust and confidence in you.  Remember, the solution involves you (only from a distance).  This is good!  Your timid cat will recognize your presence as a part of the whole experience without contributing the credit to you.  The healing process will simply occur naturally with play, which is exactly why it works.

timidity then lioness

CatTamboo™ interactive cat toys are available here atwww.CatTamboo.com for the low starting price.  You can make simple, secure payments via our secure checkout using your Paypal account or via any major Credit Card.

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